Our clients love the flexibility of Reach.

Case Studies

“Reach Reporting where have you been all my life?”

Proven CFO

Co-founder Dave Willson wanted to be able to create a template for financial reports and apply it across all his clients, but he found it to be nearly impossible. Some software allowed him to customize a report but couldn’t apply it to all clients. Other software could create a standard template for all clients, but it wasn’t customizable. Additionally, many solutions were financially out of reach for the company.

Pivot Business Group

There was a disconnect with Pivot’s clients at the end of each month. Pivot would send the P&L and a balance sheet but the client rarely looked at it because they didn’t understand the rows and columns of numbers. Their clients were not utilizing the vital financial information they were giving them. Pam was looking for a tool that would display the client’s financial information in a way they would actually look at, understand, and use.


I usually meet with accountants to talk about Reach Reporting. However, in this interview, I found myself talking to someone on the other side of the report. I was talking to the business owner — the person for whom the report rubber meets the road.

Cloud Accountant

The reports we have been able to produce with Reach are very small and visually get our client to a place where we can talk cash. Really, isn’t that what entrepreneurs want to understand? Our clients definitely understand their financials and can make strategic business decisions that help them keep profit first.

Summit CPA Group

Reach has definitely been a game-changer for us from our dashboarding and reporting perspective. It’s my number 1 software that we have in our firm. If I had to pick my favorite one, it would be Reach in terms of what we are able to accomplish for our clients.

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