Case Studies

Clients Love Reach

“Reach Reporting where have you been all my life?”

KynLi Consulting


KynLi Consulting faced several pain points in their early stages. One challenge was that clients didn’t read or understand their financial reports, which led to a lack of engagement. Another challenge was the time-consuming process of preparing and revising reports manually using Excel and other software. They needed a solution that would simplify report preparation, improve client understanding, and enhance overall efficiency.

Pivot Business Group


At the end of each month, Pivot faced a disconnect with their clients. The P&L and balance sheets were often overlooked by the clients due to their complex format and lack of client understanding. This resulted in the clients not taking advantage of the valuable financial information Pivot was delivering. In an effort to bridge this gap, Pam searched for a tool that would present the financial information in a clear and easily understandable manner, enabling the clients to use it to its full potential.

Proven CFO


Dave Willson, the co-founder, envisioned creating a uniform template for financial reports that could be utilized for all clients. However, he encountered numerous challenges in his pursuit. Some software offered customization options for a single report, but couldn’t be extended to cover all clients. Others offered a standard template but with limited customization capabilities. Moreover, many of the available solutions were financially unaffordable for the company.


Small Business Owner

In my usual discussions with accountants regarding Reach Reporting, I found a departure in this particular interview. Instead of speaking with accountants, I was engaging with a business owner – the end recipient of the financial reports. This was a unique opportunity to connect with the person for whom the impact of the reports is tangible.”

Summit CPA Group


Reach has definitely been a game-changer for us from our dashboarding and reporting perspective. It’s my number 1 software that we have in our firm. If I had to pick my favorite one, it would be Reach in terms of what we are able to accomplish for our clients.

Cloud Accountant


The reports we have been able to produce with Reach are very small and visually get our client to a place where we can talk cash. Really, isn’t that what entrepreneurs want to understand? Our clients definitely understand their financials and can make strategic business decisions that help them keep profit first.

Summit Technology

Business Owner

I needed a good way to report on the financials of our business. I wanted quarterly and monthly reports in every department, all wrapped up in an organized PDF. There was no way to generate the data points we wanted through QuickBooks, so we started looking for reporting solutions that were more powerful and customizable.

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