Duncan Lloyd – Executive Director Cloudaccountant.com

We have increased profitability.

Saving loads of time per client per month.

The Company

Cloudaccountant.com specializes in advisory services. As Profit First Professionals, the team of accountants sets financial targets with their clients and challenges their clients with 2 to 3 actions per month to help them reach their goals. Their objective is to help their clients be more profitable.

The Challenge

Duncan Lloyd, Director at Cloudaccountant.com, wanted to consolidate companies for group reporting for their big clients with confidence the reports were accurate. Additionally, he needed to be able to train his remote team effortlessly on software with minimal disruption to services.

“We didn’t know what financial insight we could get until we started using Reach”

Duncan Lloyd

Executive Director, Cloudaccountant.com

The Solution

By implementing Reach Reporting, Duncan was able to increase accuracy and save measurable amounts of time in consolidations with large clients. Rolling it out to his team was as simple as 10 minutes of instruction due to the familiar excel-like functionality. Editing and producing reports and creating metrics was so intuitive for the team to pick up there was little to no disruption during implementation.

As accountants, we sell our time, so the more efficient we can make reporting, the better.

Duncan Lloyd

Executive Director, Cloudaccountant.com

Huge Time Saver

The automation allows Cloudaccountant.com more accuracy and massive amounts of time saved.

Better Reports

Able to produce a succinct report, highlighting the financial information their clients want; cash. “The easily customizable KPIs have helped clients understand their financials to make decisions and reach goals.”

Familiar excel-like Functionality

They created standard templates that they use for their clients designed specifically around Profit First and then they build on them according to the clients’ specific needs.



“It’s really helped us with our Profit First reporting and with our group reporting, and that’s helped us get more clients since.  We have increased our profitability.  

We were able to take on 2 chunky clients so far this year that we probably wouldn’t have been able to take on if it wasn’t for the time we’ve saved using Reach.  

It’s definitely time-saving.  Because we are not having to change every chart, we just change the month-end date, and away we go producing a report for clients saving us 25% percent of the time it took before.  It’s a chunky amount. Just massive.  That’s what we sell is our time, so the more we can make it efficient, the better.”


Client report satisfaction.


Times saved per client each month.

New Massive clients in the first quarter.

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