A Case Study

Improved Group Reporting & Remote Training

Duncan Lloyd, Executive Director, cloudaccountant.com

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

We didn’t know what financial insight we could get until we started using Reach.”

Duncan Lloyd

Executive Director, cloudaccountant.com


The Company

At Cloudaccountant.com, advisory services are their forte. Their team of accountants, who are Profit First Professionals, collaborates with clients to establish financial objectives and provides them with 2 to 3 monthly action items to help achieve those goals. Their ultimate aim is to assist clients in maximizing their profitability.

The Challenge

Duncan Lloyd, Director at Cloudaccountant.com, faced significant challenges in his business, namely consolidating companies for group reporting and training his remote team on software with minimal disruption to their services. In order to address these issues, Duncan implemented Reach Reporting.

The Solution

By utilizing Reach Reporting, Duncan was able to streamline the process of group reporting, resulting in improved accuracy and significant time savings. The platform’s customizable features allowed Duncan to produce reports that met the unique needs of his clients, while the Excel-like functionality enabled him to train his remote team with ease.

Duncan’s remote team required only 10 minutes of instruction on the Reach Reporting platform, thanks to its intuitive interface. The platform’s easy-to-use features enabled Duncan’s team to edit, produce reports, and create metrics effortlessly, resulting in a seamless implementation process with little to no disruption.

The Summary

Reach Reporting enabled Duncan to improve his group reporting process, resulting in increased accuracy and time savings. The platform’s intuitive interface made remote training easy, empowering Duncan’s team to utilize the platform’s features with ease. As a result, Duncan’s business was able to deliver improved client services and better-informed decision-making.


Huge Time Saver

Automation has enabled Cloudaccountant.com to improve accuracy and save significant amounts of time. By streamlining their processes, they have been able to provide valuable insights to their clients, enhance their reputation, and improve efficiency and productivity. 

Better Reports

The key performance indicators (KPIs) used are highly customizable, enabling clients to better understand their financials, make informed decisions, and achieve goals. Streamlining financial reporting has resulted in improved financial health for clients.

Customized Standard Templates

Customized standard templates based on the Profit First methodology are created for each client, ensuring that they meet their unique needs and requests. This approach allows clients to gain a deeper understanding of their financials


Client report satisfaction.


Times saved per client each month.

New Massive clients in the first quarter.

As accountants, we sell our time, so the more efficient we can make reporting, the better.

- Duncan Lloyd

Executive Director Cloudaccountant.com

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