Small Business
Reporting & Planning

Here are some of the key uses that small businesses have found invaluable about Reach Reporting.

Excel SpreadsheetReach Reporting

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Financial Insights

Whether you’re an LLC, Corporation, franchise, or nonprofit, Reach Reporting is designed to simplify and enhance the business’s financial reporting and planning process, giving business managers access to powerful tools that transform complex financial data into understandable, actionable insights.

Get more from your data.


Integration & Automation

Connect complex data from QBO, Xero, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel to easily automate financial and non-financial reports and visuals.

Automated &


Adapt each template to quickly unlock business insights built to your team’s preferences. All within a familiar spreadsheet environment, with no downsides.


Cash Flow

Gain comprehensive insights and foresights with automated cash flow planning. Simple planning is possible.

Time Saving

Multi-Business Consolidation

Enact easy eliminations and conduct easy financial consolidations effortlessly across diverse currencies to give clear, consolidated insights.

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Minimize errors and save time for your team by using our pre-built templates or modify each template to meet your client’s needs.


Client Communication

Our client portal grants access to various departments and clients, enhancing decision-making from firm to client. Providing view-only access to data, ensuring personalized, secure, and efficient data empowerment.

See what businesses are saying.

Tony Friday

Executive Director of Brainbox.

“We didn’t know what financial insight we could get until we started using Reach Reporting.”

Dave Carlson

President | COO, Summit Technology

“Reach is the most powerful tool I’ve ever seen for financial reporting for a small business.”