Dave Carlson, President | COO of Summit Technology

Reaching Goals with Reach Reporting

The most powerful tool I’ve ever seen for financial reporting for a small business

The Company

Summit Technology works with small businesses to create positive customer experiences while empowering them to achieve more through technology. Summit Technology grew from an internal IT department at a large conglomerate company into the powerful entity it is today.

The Challenge

As a business owner, Dave was frustrated trying to communicate what financial information he needed with accountants that didn’t understand his business at a deep level. By the time he received monthly and quarterly reports, the data was outdated. He needed reports his team could understand instead of trying to make decisions from the P&L.

“I use some indispensable apps in my business but Reach Reporting is by far the most significant time and cost saver for us as a company.”

Dave Carlson

The Solution

Since implementing Reach Reporting, Summit Technology can now report on particular and relevant metrics within their business by quickly and easily creating customized metrics his team can refer to at any time and understand. Dave appreciates being able to manage Summit’s reports and dashboards without relying on an accountant. It’s accelerated their growth by having better data resulting in better decisions. 

Reach is straightforward to implement and is the most powerful tool I’ve ever seen for financial reporting for a small business– Especially at the price-point!!

- Dave Charlson

More Informed Decision Making

Summit Technology has experienced unparalleled growth because they know their margins in real-time, hugely impacting better decision-making. 

Significant time-saving

Dave now automates all of his reports to save massive amounts of time and energy. He can save his work as a template to use over and over.  

Empowered Business Owner

Dave uses Reach as a powerful tool to create reports and dashboards that make him look and feel like a “rockstar.” 


Expenses Dropped


Revenue Increased

Hours Saved

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