A Case Study

Streamlining Customized Reporting

Dave Willson, CFO, ProvenCFO

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“We have finally been able to standardize and customize our deliverables.”

Dave Willson

CFO, ProvenCFO


The Company

ProvenCFO offers a complete accounting solution that covers back office, financial reporting, advisory services, and external CFO services. They provide outsourced accounting services for businesses and prioritize relevant, real-time, and reliable financial reporting for over 100 clients.

The Challenge

Co-founder Dave Willson faced a significant challenge in creating a financial report template that could be standardized across all his clients. Many solutions were either too costly or lacked the customization features required to meet the unique needs of each client. ProvenCFO needed a solution that would allow them to create customized templates and apply them to all clients seamlessly.

The Solution

Reach Reporting proved to be the ideal solution for ProvenCFO’s needs. The platform enabled the creation of customized templates that could be applied across all clients. This allowed for the delivery of reliable and real-time financial reports, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of service for ProvenCFO’s clients.

With Reach Reporting, ProvenCFO’s financial statements no longer have to be static. The platform’s dynamic and real-time updates allow for the delivery of custom financial reports that provide the exact information clients need to make informed decisions. Dave Willson, Co-founder of ProvenCFO, said, “Good financial information is crucial for business owners to make informed decisions. With Reach Reporting, we can quickly deliver custom financial reports that provide the exact information our clients need to succeed.”

The Summary

Reach Reporting provided ProvenCFO with a customizable solution for financial reporting, enabling the creation of standardized templates that met the unique needs of each client. With the platform’s real-time updates, ProvenCFO was able to deliver reliable financial reports that improved the quality of service for its clients.


Targeted Reports

Reach Reporting provides varying degrees of customization, allowing firms to design anything from simple metrics to robust reports that can be used for multiple clients. The platform also lets users consolidate multiple sources of information into a single location, enabling the creation of targeted, specific reports.

Better Deliverables

Reach Reporting provides visually appealing and impressive reports that showcase important client information. With real-time updates, the formerly static financial reports are now dynamic, empowering clients to make informed business decisions.


Increase Efficiency

ProvenCFO can now save up to 30-45 minutes per client each month by using templates that can be applied to all clients. This scalable solution allows for consistent and efficient reporting across hundreds of clients, removing the tedious task of producing reports every month.



Est. Improved Reporting Efficiency

Saved Minutes Per Client / Month


Client Report Satisfaction

“We put the work into it once, and don’t have to duplicate the grind all over again.”

Dave Willson

CFO, ProvenCFO

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