Pam Jordan – CEO Pivot Business Group

Improved reporting.

Clients more engaged in their financials.

The Company

Pivot Business Group’s team is committed to help clients get their business to the next level through a profit analysis they call ‘the Pivot Process’. They offer both Advisory and Fractional CFO services with a focus on cash flow, profit, sales, teams, and systems.

The Challenge

There was a disconnect with Pivot’s clients at the end of each month. Pivot would send the P&L and a balance sheet but the client rarely looked at it because they didn’t understand the rows and columns of numbers. Their clients were not utilizing the vital financial information they were giving them. Pam was looking for a tool that would display the client’s financial information in a way they would actually look at, understand, and use.


“100% of clients are happier with reports generated in the Reach Reporting app.”


The Solution

By simply connecting QBO with Reach Reporting, Pivot Business Group was able to improve their deliverables by providing beautiful, simple reports that are both easy to understand and professional. Pivot’s clients went from receiving reports that they didn’t understand, or understood very little of, to understanding them, and having the confidence to ask questions about their financials.

“Reach Reporting is a differentiator for us.”


Increased Sales

Pivot Business Groups sales increased when they began showing clients and potential clients samples of professional reports they receive with Reach Reporting.

Intuitive and Supported

Pivot’s team did a short demo, then found the implementation surprisingly intuitive. When they did have a question, the response from Reach’s support was very timely and helpful. There was absolutely no downtime.

Improved Clients Understanding

Pivot Business Group was able to offer reports their clients were excited to receive. Clients were promptly opening their emails and engaged with their finances because they finally comprehended the numbers and asked questions.



Customers are excited to get monthly reports that they can understand. Reach Reporting helps Pivot’s clients be more confident in their financial understanding of their business and resulting in the confidence to ask questions.

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