Jake Grimm, Director of Technology Summit CPA Group, a Division of Anders CPAs + Advisors

Financial Presentation to the Next Level.

Customizing Templates to Specific Clients.

The Company

Summit CPA focuses on outsourced virtual CFO services for small to medium-sized businesses.  They are an experienced advisory partner in the financial realm guiding clients in their business decisions.  Summit excels in forecasting, business planning, and modeling providing financial peace of mind to business owners.

The Challenge

Jake Grimm, Director of Technology, wanted to optimize Summit CPA’s reporting process by transitioning away from cumbersome Excel PDFs to a live platform that was fully customizable.  They tried other software for dashboards but found them very difficult to customize for the unique situation of an individual client. Their tech-forward clients were requesting live access to their financials between rescheduled meetings.

“Effortlessly took our financial presentations to the next level.”

Jake Grimm

Director of Technology, Summit CPA Group

The Solution

By implementing Reach Reporting, Summit CPA group was able to quickly and easily build what their clients needed. The unique excel-based backend was intuitive to their accountants, resulting in a seamless implementation.  Within Reach, they created standardized dashboards that they can easily iterate off of based on clients’ specific needs and goals.  Clients are actively logging into their client portal allowing them live access to their financials.

“Customization is easy and user-friendly.”

Jake Grimm

Director of Technology, Summit CPA Group

Next-Level Reports

The user-friendly report builder allows Summit CPA to customize their standardized templates FASTER and EASIER than ever before, providing their clients with clean, refined dashboards and reports.

Satisfied Clients

Summit CPA’s clients love having online access to their deliverables through the client portal.  Clients appreciate the ability to log in and interact with their business between scheduled zoom calls. 

User Friendly

Summit’s team members need very little training to get them comfortable using Reach. Their entire team can create metrics and dashboards themselves without needing to rely on a developer to create a new metric.


Client report satisfaction.


Time Saved Per Report

Low training hours investment

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