What Business Owners want in their Financial Reports


Accounting is the language of business. 

- Warren Buffet

Your clients who are business owners are looking for answers to their financial questions in the reports you send them. Do you know their financial questions? They also want a picture painted for them of where the business stands regarding reaching their goals. Do you know their financial goals? An integral part of providing financial reports to your clients is knowing what data they want to see along with the information they need to see. 

As a CFO, you know the answers to their questions, but finding the most effective way to communicate the solutions is difficult. Chances are, those receiving your reports are not accountants and are not well versed in the often confusing data and jargon used in the accounting world. Let’s work together to bridge this gap between you and your business owner clients. 


The Knowledge Pyramid

Turing raw accounting data into useful knowledge for your business owners.

This is your primary objective as a CFO. By including an analysis of the data, as opposed to just the numbers, you will be giving them the tools and information they need to succeed.  

Moving your clients up the knowledge pyramid can prove challenging. This challenge is where Reach Reporting comes into the picture. We specialize in transforming information into actionable knowledge. 

The Problem

Business owners don’t prioritize e a deep dive into their financials.

Business owners often don’t prioritize their time to include a deep dive into their financials. They spend their time doing what they do best, running their business! When their accountant sends them a cash flow statement, chances are they glance at it, have a limited understanding of what it means to them, and move on to another task. This habit creates a dangerous situation! It forces the business owner to make decisions based on bank account balances, FAR from the entire financial picture. According to the NFIB, 82% of business failures are due to cash flow issues. YIKES.

If you are preparing comprehensive financial reports for your clients and don’t understand them or know how to read them, you waste both their time and yours. Create and send a comprehensive financial report with the help of Reach Reporting. Your clients will sing your praises as their irreplaceable financial advisor.

The Solution

Transform data into visual information.

No matter the report you are sending, Reach Reporting can transform it from confusing columns filled with unrelatable numbers to visual and educational charts, graphs, and KPIs.  

There are specific reports that are often called the “core” reports. These are the ones you prepare and send each month, quarter, and year to your clients. They usually include at least a P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. You spend countless hours preparing these reports for each of your clients (among many, many others). Now imagine preparing the same reports faster and with more digestible and useful information for your business owners. Pretty epic thought, right? 

Final Thoughts

Clients desperately want to understand their financials.

What it all boils down to is this; your clients desperately want to understand their financials. They need you, their CFO, to analyze the numbers and present the data to them in an understandable report. A comprehensive financial report with visuals they can use to make monetary decisions for their business.   

Start today learning about Reach Reporting by scheduling a demo with our CEO, Justin. Below is his schedule; find a time that works best for you. It will be your first step on the path to giving your business owner clients precisely what they want.  

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