The New Business Expectations


In any relationship, whether it be marriage, parent/child, student, or an employee, when we are aware of what the expectations are, we can measure ourselves and do a better job fulfilling those expectations.  With this in mind, as a bookkeeper, what do your clients want and need from you? What are they expecting? 

In most cases, a bookkeeper’s duties and expectations are items such as; recording transactions and posting them to the correct accounts, processing payments, conducting daily banking activities, reconciling reports to third-party records such as bank statements, and lastly, producing various financial reports. 

What responsibilities can you improve on to bring more value to your work? 

Provide a Financial Report

Providing comprehensive financial reports is already on your regular to-do list. But what if you jazzed up that report to something more professional, more beautiful, and included visuals? What if you, at months end, send your supervisor a Reach Reporting financial report


Reach Reporting prides itself on making it easy for you to provide comprehensive financial reports. In less time than you are already spending, you can send reports full of visual charts, graphs, live text, and metrics that will make your managers squeal with happiness. Just connect, select, and share. 

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Teach Them to How to Understand the Reports

You have been hired as the bookkeeper because you have worked hard and learned the ins-and-outs of accounting and finances. A skill your manager may not have or have the time to learn. They rely on you to take care of the books, bank accounts, and financial reporting. Because of this, don’t assume they will understand the data you are giving them, or know how to make decisions based on the reports. 

Part of making yourself a more valuable asset to the company is teaching them how to read a financial report.  Teach them what the numbers mean, the data represents, and how to use the reports to make the best possible financial decisions. 

Do you want to learn more about Reach Reporting? We offer a 14-day free trial, so you can spend time in the software and discover the amazing things we can do to exceed your boss’s expectations. 


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