How to Build Visual Financial Reports


Visual Financial Reports.

Buzz words in the accounting industry

What does it actually mean? And why do you need to know how to build a visual financial report? Let’s chat. 

A visual financial report is a financial report (think P&L, cash flow, etc.) on steroids.

No longer are accounting reports just numbers organized in columns and rows, but a visual snapshot filled with colorful graphs, charts, and metrics.

Not to mention the descriptive text to ensure your client’s understanding. A snapshot shows the client an engaging and comprehensive story of the numbers instead of just presenting data.

It is easier to digest because it is created with this purpose.

This empowers someone outside the accounting industry to understand what it means. 

Financial Report Example

Let’s take a look at two different financial Reports.

A visual comparison will make it easier to see and understand the difference.

With this example, you can immediately see the benefits of a visual financial report!

Which financial report would you rather receive?

Which financial report would you prefer to present to clients?

By offering your clients with option two, you have not only given them actionable data but have made yourself an invaluable financial advisor to your clients. A partner in their business as opposed to just “their accountant.”

Alright.  Now you can see how providing Visual Financial Reports will increase your value with your clients. Great! 

Your next valid question is,

“How much more time will this take in my day?”.

I get it; you want to provide your clients with a beautiful and professional visual report but not if it decreases productivity at the office or substantially increases your costs.

Request a demo today. You know you want to see it. 

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Build Visual Reports in Seconds

We have simplified visual report creation.

At Reach Reporting, we have done the work to simplify the creation of building these reports. Actually, we have done the entire job.

Reach Reporting syncs with QuickBooks and Xero, so the templates automatically populate with your client’s data producing a beautiful financial story.

Each month (or whatever date range you choose), the templates auto-fill creating well thought out, professional, easy to use financial report templates.

This is why your office productivity will skyrocket. By making use of technology and using financial report templates instead of attempting to create them from scratch each month, you will have the trifecta: professional visual reports to provide your clients, increased productivity in the office, and minimal change in out of pocket costs. Booyah!

The Future is Visual Reporting

A critical asset of tomorrow’s accountants.

Visual financial reports are a critical part of the future of the accounting industry.

If you are moving toward a more advisory role, visual financial reports will be key in your transformation.

They are a golden opportunity to increase the value you bring to your clients without hours more work on your part.

Using Reach Reporting will be the secret to your success.

Schedule a demo today so you can quickly connect, select, and share visual reports today.

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