New Reach Reporting Features | September 2020


Today we would like to share with you some new quality of life updates we have added this week to improve Reach Reporting. You will now notice that we have added some new shapes to match the icons available when using conditional formatting. These can be found within the report builder, in the shapes element tab.

We have also introduced the ability to create a new report from anywhere within reach, by adding a new drop-down when hovering over the reports icon. Giving you quicker access to start a new report or even manage your report templates.

 Another new feature we have added is the ability to quickly add a statement to your dashboards or reports. now when adding a statement you will see a pop up will appear allowing you to quickly configure your statement with out having to go to the statement editor, of course you can always edit the statement you added to customize it even more.

The last and final feature we have introduced is a small improvement to live text. Now when adding a company name you can choose between using regular capitalization, or have the company name appear in all caps. and when adding a live text date you will have those same options, as well as the ability to abbreviate the date or not.


We hope you enjoy these new features if you have any questions or suggestions for new features for us to add send us a chat.


We hope you enjoy these new features. if you have any questions or suggestions for new features for us to add, send us a chat.

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