Do accountants enjoy what they do?


Before we answer this question, we need to answer another question. 

First, what makes a job satisfying? 

Surprise! A job must fulfill a few basic requirements to be enjoyable, and a boatload of money is not one of them.

Not all people will define ‘satisfaction’ the same. However, here are some basic things people look for in a job that will likely improve their overall satisfaction. 

Fulfilling day-to-day tasks

People don’t mind being busy. They prefer being busy and engaged to being bored. However, staying busy with monotonous, soul-draining tasks can drive a person mad. Mad I say! People want to feel valued and challenged in creating and fulfilling their responsibilities. 

Being good at your job

At what? Well, at what they do. People want to have stimulating challenges but don’t want recurring challenges that diminish their belief in what they do or their value. 

No stress…Not possible. But limited stress, yes!

Studies, and my stomach, show long-term stress is bad for job satisfaction, health, happiness, and the bathroom. TMI? 

It makes sense if you are constantly working; stress rises, and satisfaction plummets. 


Although ideal company culture varies from person to person, having a positive work environment is necessary. The culture of the company you work for may not check all your boxes, so you may need to adapt. You may also be able to make suggestions through appropriate lines of communication to make valuable improvements. Most companies are flexible when creating your environment to interact with their culture. Sometimes you have to let go of your red stapler. 


Company Reputation

People take pride in their employment. Most people identify with the company that employs them. Satisfaction wavers when you feel you are working for a less than above-board company. 



Are you moving towards your own goals? Does the company provide you with advancements and the ability to grow personally? Are they interested in your development professionally and personally?


People are willing to work hard when they feel secure. When viewed as disposable, people don’t show up creative and confident and instead react in the workforce with the constant fear that today could be their last. 


Yes, money 

People need to make money to sustain a comfortable living. A portion of this falls squarely on our shoulders by living within our means. But there is nothing worse than working hard and still not having the resources to pay the bills. 


Work Relationships

No, not that type of relationship. Personally, I think that would add stress, but that is me. I am talking about connecting to others and having positive interactions with the people around you. The ability to share your thoughts with others at work provides a more positive environment. 

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So back to the question, do accountants enjoy what they do?

I’m not too fond of numbers and spreadsheets they scare me. I get queazy just thinking about it. That is why I am not an accountant. However, there are thousands of people who love accounting. It’s what makes the world go around. 

Regarding a survey from the Journal of Accounting, two-thirds of accountants were happy with their salary, work flexibility, work-life balance, and good working environment. 

Accounting is an occupation that helps others navigate finances and save money. There is great satisfaction when you are good at what you do, and your efforts help another. In our current economy, this is a big deal.

For most accountants, January – April, the stress and long hours are intense but become bearable for the remainder of the year.

BLS projects job growth in accounting to grow by 10% before 2026.

Accounting is a recession-proof job and a necessary department in every industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay for accounting careers sits at $70,500 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Is that enough? Well, that is a question that you will have to answer. 

Like all professionals, the longer you work and the more experience you have, you can increase your pay to more than $100k+. 

So far, so good. It seems that accounting can be satisfying. Let’s pull back the curtain even more. 

Researchers show that accountants are happier when they are working for a cause. However, when they work in an uninspiring workplace, satisfaction plummets. 

Accounting is changing, so counting beans is no longer the only tool needed for accountants to succeed. Accounting now requires accountants to get out from behind their computers to interact in new and meaningful ways. 

The changing landscape also requires accountants to learn other technology to keep up with the needs of their clients. 

Technology and personal interaction may increase some accountants’ stress and anxiety outside of tax season. 

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I want to tell you a story about some accountants talking around the water cooler. Here it goes. One accountant said to the other accountant, “I want to tell you a story about some accountants talking around the water cooler. One accountant said to the other accountant”, “I want to tell you a story about some accountants talking around the water cooler. One accountant said to the other accountant…

You get my point. If not, I can keep telling you a story about some accountants talking around the water cooler.

There can be a lot of soul-sucking repetition in accounting. However, there can also be intrigue and passion, and you don’t have to be a mafia accountant to experience it. With Reach Reporting, you can experience intrigue, storytelling, and powerful automation (I know, a shameless plug. I just needed to get it in there.).

Here we are at the end of the blog and this is my conclusion to the question, “Do accountants enjoy their job?”

I am not sure. You tell me.

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