Enhancing Your Accounting Degree: Six Degrees to Consider


Are you considering pursuing a career in accounting, or are you already a CPA looking to enhance your skills? In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, being versatile is critical for success in the accounting arena. Pairing an accounting degree with an additional degree is a great way to develop your skills and remain competitive.

Here are six additional degrees to consider to enhance your accounting degree:

  1. Pair an Information Technology Degree with Accounting: With the increasing use of technology to enhance the accounting profession, getting a degree in information technology is advantageous. Accountants must be equipped to serve clients’ needs in a world where paper is becoming obsolete, and businesses demand immediate responses to their needs.
  2. Pair a Statistics Degree with Accounting: Statistics can help you provide valuable data analytics to your clients, allowing them to make sound business decisions. With companies needing to understand the impact of their financial data, being able to bridge the gap between market impact and financial impact is critical.
  3. Pair an Economics Degree with Accounting: Economics can help you use reason and logic to resolve complex issues. By spotting trends and understanding how they affect businesses, you can create accurate forecasts and projections for the future.
  4. Pair a Law Degree with Accounting: Law naturally intersects with the accounting profession, especially in financial compliance. With the growing tax law profession, getting a law degree can be advantageous. It can also increase your potential to pass the grueling CPA Exam.
  5. Pair a Finance Degree with Accounting: Combining finance and accounting knowledge helps you evaluate a business, mitigate risks, and invest more prudently. Together, these degrees create a powerful combination for any accountant and a valuable asset for any firm.
  6. Pair a Business Degree with Accounting: A business degree can help you become well-rounded and more valuable in your accounting career. With skills to identify errors, create valuable KPIs, and see financials from a business perspective, you can provide unique advice and insight.

Enhancing your accounting degree by pairing it with additional degrees will improve future opportunities and financial success, not just for you, but for the businesses you support. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” So, combine your accounting passion with other passions to create a unique offering that only you can provide. Most importantly, do what you love, and success will follow.

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