6 degrees to consider pairing with accounting


Accounting is changing into an even more engaging, interactive career.

So before you get into accounting, or even if you are already years into your career, you may want to ask yourself if your accounting degree is enough to give you the edge?

Well, is it?

Versatility is critical in today’s accounting arena. Increasing your knowledge and your degree portfolio will develop your skills in a way that allows you to adapt to the ever-changing world of business and be flexible.

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Here are six (6) additional degrees to consider. 

Pair an Information Technology Degree with Accounting:

IT is utilized more and more to enhance accountants’ ability to serve their clients. With paper becoming obscure, demands being immediate, and revolutionary technology redefining the accountant profession, it is wise to get a degree in IT. 

Pair a Statistics Degree with Accounting:

Statistics will increase your ability to provide data analytics to improve your client’s ability to make wise business decisions and put you on the cutting edge of accounting. More and more companies are demanding to understand their numbers outside the spreadsheet. Companies are mining their data and need someone to bridge the gap between market impact and financial impact. 

Pair an Economics Degree with Accounting:

Economics will enhance your ability to learn to use reason and logic to see and resolve complex issues. Every business pulls financial data, but not all know how to use it to chart their course into the future. Economics gives you the edge in spotting trends and understanding how they affect business. Your enhanced critical thinking skills will allow you to see past and present data and present accurate forecasts/projections for the future. 

Pair a Law Degree with Accounting:

Law will intersect naturally with your accounting career, especially if you are working in the field of financial compliance. With the tax law profession growing, getting a law degree is advantageous for anyone looking into future possibilities. A law degree also increases your potential to endure the grueling CPA Exam. 

Pair a Finance Degree with Accounting:

Some say don’t bother with accounting if you have a finance degree or vice versa. However, the opposite is true. The strategic merge of finance and accounting knowledge helps you evaluate a business, offer recommendations, help mitigate risk and invest more prudently. Together these degrees create a powerful combination for any accountant and a vital asset for any firm.

Pair a Business Degree with Accounting: 

If you want to get in up to your elbows with ethics, law, marking, and communication, a combined business degree is what you want. A business degree will help you become well-rounded and more valuable in your accounting career and in the eyes of your clients. You will help seasoned or novice business clients with vision, judgment, and accuracy. Your skills to identify errors, create valuable KPIs, and see financials from the eyes of a business person will significantly enhance your ability to provide unique advice and insight.

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Whatever path you choose to enhance your accounting degree, you will improve future opportunities and financial success not just for you but for the businesses you support. Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Just make sure you combine your accounting passion with other passions and create a unique offering that only you can provide.

Most importantly, do what you love.

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