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Automated Reporting

The smart way to visualize your data in just a few clicks.




Connect, select, and share.

Reach Reporting integrates with accounting software, pulling in data and populating reports to share as a pdf or financial dashboard with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Reach was SUPER easy to set up and the graphs and charts are really easy to understand and tweak.”

– Craig P.



Insightful data at a glance.

Reach Reporting has a robust library of impressive financial reports, engaging metrics, and powerful financial dashboards built on visual theory to enhance understanding. Look like a Fortune 500 company.

We logged in the first time and found several pre-built reports, dashboards and KPI’s with OUR NUMBERS in them. It was really​ cool to see the value immediately.

– Keaton H.


Awarded best ease of use.

Reach Reporting was built on a spreadsheet platform so it would feel more like a financial playground rather than a cumbersome workspace.

“Better, more customized reports that take less time to compile.”  

– Josh G.

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Built on a spreadsheet platform.

Reach Reporting’s spreadsheet environment is familiar and comfortable to work in so you can hit the ground running. 

Reach feels like a spreadsheet while I’m building KPI’s but the data stays synced!! Huge benefits from using Reach.”  

– Beverly


Build it once, use it again and again.

Any financial report, financial dashboard, or metric you create can be turned into a template and added to Reach Reporting’s robust template library, saving you time every month.

Not only are the reports better and more professionally designed than anything I did myself in the past but created SO MUCH FASTER!!”  

– Lyndsie W.


The sky is the limit.

Reach Reporting is entirely customizable, making it easy to provide the needed report to improve any advisory offering value.

I love that I can customize each of my client’s metric dashboards & reports to suit them both personally and professionally. ”  

– Ryan o.

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