Reach Reporting & Gusto

Bringing together financials and people-focused advisory. 

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Bring data sets together

Provide deeper insight for your clients.

Reach and Gusto together, allows you to create unique insights you can’t get anywhere else!

Combine your financial expertise with people-focused advising to provide clients with a deep understanding of their business performance. Display findings in easy-to-understand metrics on dashboards and reports.

And do it all in minutes.

“Better, more customized reports that take less time to compile.”  

– Josh G.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Clients want more

Give it to them.

The accounting profession is changing rapidly. Now you can get more involved with how your client’s financial, operational, and people insights come together—making you better equipped to guide your clients into the future. Quickly turn your traditional financial statements into empowering managerial reports that tell the story behind the data.

Reach was SUPER easy to set up and the graphs and charts are really easy to understand and tweak.”

– Craig P.

Make a statement

Uncover the story found in your client’s financials.

Bring your clients’ statements to life with unique visual metrics. Use Reach Reporting’s pre-built People Advisory reports or the financial templates to display rich insight.

Show the facts behind the financials.

It literally takes me one minute per client every month to produce way prettier reports! ”  

– Linda H.

Showing how a spreadsheet is used in the Reach Reporting app.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Powerful Metrics

The freedom to do

Build in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

You are a professional—we get that—and your clients know it. So, we make certain you can build what you want, however you want. Using Reach you have a powerful spreadsheet interface to do it.

Formulas, classes, locations, live data, and more. You are going to feel right at home.

Now you have the power to work without your hands tied.

Reach feels like a spreadsheet while I’m building KPI’s but the data stays synced!! Huge benefits from using Reach.”  

– Beverly

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

What your deliverables can look like

Your firm will rise above the rest.

Automate beautiful, Fortune 500-looking, management-level reports to enhance your game. Provide monthly, quarterly, or annual periods that impress your clients, empowering them to make informed business decisions—turning you into an invaluable resource for their success.

Not only are the reports better and more professionally designed than anything I did myself in the past but created SO MUCH FASTER!!”  

– Lyndsie W.


Gusto paves the way with metrics to navigate the biggest expense in business—people. Offer people-focused advisory services that empower your clients with immediate and concise intelligence.

Need a payroll and HR solution? Visit Gusto today.

Reach Reporting

Reach Reporting automates financial data into visual reports that inform critical decision-making. Providing your clients with reports that help them achieve their business goals will ensure long-lasting client relationships as an advisor they value. 

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