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Financial Reports

Customize every template to your preference and drive business value in minutes. All within a familiar spreadsheet environment, with no downsides. Our Xero integration delivers visually enhanced and interactive insights into your accounting data.

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Simplicity at

it’s Best

Connecting Xero to Reach Reporting is easy.

Log in to Reach Reporting with your adviser or standard user role and go to the “Add Company” page in a group.

From there, follow the instructions to connect your Xero account and say goodbye to manual data entry and complex spreadsheets.

Follow these simple steps


Then choose: “Connect to Xero”


Authentication flow

Then you will need to authorize access. You will see the below popup for authorization.

Choose the company file to connect and then select “Allow Access.” This will automatically start the syncing process and you will notice the software will show you that it is connecting to your company.

If after clicking on the company name and nothing happens, it is most likely that you don’t have the user role access required.

When you successfully connect your Xero company, Reach will automatically begin syncing and will pull the last 3 years of data for your Chart of Accounts, Profit and Loss Data, Balance Sheet, and Tracking Categories.

Reach Reporting will automatically calculate the cash flow statement from the balance sheet based on the indirect method.

Configure the integration

Within the Workspace, you can set up the Accounting Basis, Team Members, Clients Portal, Consolidate multiple Xero companies, and set a Book Month which is a month that acts as the last month that you have completed your bookkeeping for.


In the future, your company will automatically sync when your data is updated within Xero or you can manually sync your Xero company file at any time by clicking on the sync button in the lower-left when the company is open within Reach Reporting. 

Disconnecting a company

If you feel that Reach isn’t the right fit, disconnecting from Reach can be done inside of Xero or within the Reach app with ease.