The Importance of Visual Graphics in Financial Reports


Visual graphics are what is going to be the turning point for your business’ finances.  Brilliantly created visual financial reports will bring your point home; you will jump up and down with excitement when you begin to SEE your numbers. Make the facts and numbers more meaningful for you, the business owner. Once you start to know your business financials, the sky is the limit for your company!


Knowledge is power.

-Thomas Jefferson

The Eye to Brain Connection

Just like you can remember song lyrics from Jr High (The entire No Fences Album from Garth Brooks, thank you very much), your brain works similarly with visual graphics. In a nutshell, things make more sense and are easier to digest when we see them visually (or sing them!).

  • Colored visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%
  • Content with images increases the view rate by 94%
  • Our brains can see images that last only 13 milliseconds. 
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 
  • The human eye can process 36,000 visual messages in an hour. 

We have talked about the brain’s psychology and how it responds to visual graphics in the past; check out this blog post for more information. 

You are not an Accountant. 

As a business owner, you need to know certain specific accounting details to be successful. But as you well know, you are not an accountant. Because of this, you need a better way to learn and understand what those numbers mean for your company. Instead of thinking, you know what they mean, honestly know what they mean and how they affect your company decisions. Reach Reporting was created to help you, a small business owner, understand your books minus all the accounting mumbo-jumbo. 

Don’t underestimate the connection between visuals and the human brain; it is unreal how they work together to help you interpret information. Use this new-found information to become a more successful business owner. Don’t make things harder for yourself than necessary. 

Time Saver

Your time as a business owner is already stretched thin, so one of our goals at Reach Reporting is to make financial reporting faster and easier. Connecting your business with Reach Reporting is easy. You can connect QuickBooks Online and Desktop, Xero, CSV, and Sheets. So no matter where you keep your finances, chances are we can transform your numbers from data to wisdom. 

Once you are connected, you have opened the door to a world of reports and dashboards but don’t worry; our design team has made the five reports you should be running into easy-peasy pre-built templates. You could have a visual profit and loss report within 10 minutes. No joke. 

Now that you created your report with Reach Reporting, reading, and understanding, it will be a time saver as well. With the visual graphics included in the reports, you will be on your way to making prudent and informed decisions in no time and making you a more successful business owner.

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