How Reach Reporting Helped Technology Summit CPA Group Take On More Clients


Jake Grimm, Director of Technology Summit CPA Group, a Division of Anders CPAs + Advisors, is passionate about providing the best possible tech solutions to clients. As a technology expert, he has implemented and created best practices for tech delivery, leading his team to success in providing financial dashboards and reports to clients.

Grimm explains that a few years ago, they were using a robust Excel template for creating client reports. However, as clients began to demand a more online experience, they found that customizing templates within Reach Reporting was a faster and more user-friendly option than anything else they had tried.

Reach Reporting has been a game-changer for the firm’s dashboarding and reporting perspective, and it is Grimm’s top software choice for client reports. Templated reports are broken down into three or four main areas, starting with the cash area of the business, followed by the income statement and net income metrics, and ending with production metrics.

From an accountant’s standpoint, the team loves the ease-of-use in Reach. The excel-based platform is like a native language to them, making it easy to create aesthetically pleasing reports and dashboards. Unlike other systems that require developer skills, Reach’s user-friendliness allows the team to create metrics and dashboards themselves, reducing the reliance on developers.

Training new team members on Reach is a breeze, with tutorial training videos available on the Reach website. Grimm’s process involves having new team members spend a couple of hours going through the tutorials, after which they have a strong enough foundation to operate within the platform.

Using Reach saves time, especially when customizing and working with complex data layers. Grimm explains that they can create a balance sheet and income statement in minutes, compared to spending hours doing the same manually. Clients appreciate the live access they have to their dashboards, which allow them to interact with their financial information in real-time.

Reach sets Summit CPA Group apart from its competitors. During the sales process, the team showcases sample financial reports created in Reach, highlighting its capabilities. The use of Reach demonstrates the firm’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to accounting, and the refined and clean product reflects the company’s commitment to providing the best financial solutions to its clients.

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