Fathom no longer included with QuickBooks


Fathom will no longer be included as part of your QuickBooks Advanced subscription. 

Fathom & QuickBooks Online Advanced FAQs

Starting August 1st, 2022, Fathom will no longer be included for free as part of QuickBooks Online Advanced. 

Answers to common questions about Fathom and QuickBooks.

Why is fathom no longer provided by QuickBooks?

Fathom HQ has been part of the QuickBooks Online Advanced reporting package since October 2018. With Fathoms’ Smart Reporting free offer ending soon, the question most users are having is why?

I have the same question, so I have scoured the internet for some answers but have come up empty-handed. As I am writing this, Jon from the on-demand team at QuickBooks is double-checking to see what information he has. 

Unfortunately, Jon could not provide additional information regarding the removal of Fathom from the QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription.

Reporting solutions built for yesterday’s accountants have not met today’s demands. Their lack of agile reporting has opened the door for cutting-edge, customizable solutions that put accountants back in control of their reports.

What is changing with Fathom and Quickbooks?

Fathom will no longer be included in the QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription. On August 1st, QuickBooks users will have to pay to use Fathom or find a different reporting solution to integrate with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks users who use Fathom can transition their existing accounts to a paid subscription of Fathom to continue utilizing the reporting solution.  

When will QuickBooks stop providing Fathom for free?

On August 1st, 2022, Fathom will no longer be included as part of the QuickBooks Online Advanced solution.

QuickBooks Online Advanced companies that started their QuickBooks Online subscription with Intuit before June 1st can still access Fathom for two months at no extra cost. As of August 1st, those users will have to pay for Fathom. 

Pricing for Fathom’s services will be at their standard pricing. 

Users signing up for QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription after June 1st will need to turn to other QBO Reporting partner solutions to connect a more robust reporting solution than the standard QBO basic report solution they provide. 

Will I still be able to access Fathom in QuickBooks?

Yes. Until August 1st, any companies with QuickBooks Online Advanced subscriptions started before June 1st will still be able to access Fathom.

However, after August 1st, Fathom will no longer be included as part of the QuickBooks Advanced subscription.

Since 2018 there have been powerful advancements in reporting solutions. Now is the perfect time to research and discover the best reporting solution for your business or clients. 

If you choose not to pay for a Fathom subscription, your account will be canceled automatically on August 1st.

When Fathom is removed from QuickBooks Advanced, will I lose my data?

Fathom accounts in QuickBooks will be canceled if you do not sign up for a paid Fathom subscription before August 1st. Data will be accessible until October 31st. After October 31st, Fathom no longer houses your data and will be deleted from Fathom.

Before October 31st, you will be able to download your company’s data housed in Fathom as pdf or Excel reports. Data includes financial and non-financial data, including any forecasts.

If I pay for Fathom, what will I gain?

Every Fathom subscription includes the analysis, reporting, and forecasting tools Fathom delivers. There are no additional features unlocked behind your payment.

If you choose to continue paying for Fathom by signing up for a paid subscription plan, everything in Fathom will look the same. You will not gain or lose access to any Fathom features. You can continue to provide the same reports Fathom has supplied for years.

What do I do now that Fathom’s not included with QuickBooks?

There has been a lot of advancement in reporting since 2018. The world has changed dramatically, and the last few years have catapulted advancement in custom reporting solutions. 

When you are looking for a solution, consider a few things.

  1. Is the reporting solution locked down to only a few templates?
  2. Is the reporting solution customizable?
  3. Can you create any metric or report from scratch?
  4. Can you create and add to a personalized library?
  5. Can you turn your work into an automated solution?
  6. Can you share your template with your entire team?
  7. Does the reporting solution allow you to do more than compliance reports?
  8. Does the reporting solution connect to multiple data sources?
  9. Is the reporting solution poised for future possibilities?
  10. Does the reporting solution utilize built-in spreadsheet functionality?
  11. Does the reporting solution provide instant access to all connected data?
  12. Can each report be auto-tailored to any connected client data?

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