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by | May 4, 2022

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Reach Reporting and Gusto Partner to Deliver Enhanced Reporting for Advisory Services

Springville, Utah, United States – May 5, 2022 – Reach Reporting, the leading flexible reporting tool for accountants, today announced a strategic partnership with Gusto, the full-service payroll, HR, and benefits platform, to provide powerful visual reporting templates for accounting professionals and their clients.

Through the partnership, Reach Reporting will deliver specific report templates that integrate with Gusto’s People Advisory service, enabling accounting professionals, HR departments, and business owners to easily access and understand their data in a simple, straightforward way, empowering them to make informed business decisions.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Gusto to help their clients take the next step in delivering more insight to those tasked with making strategic decisions,” said Justin Hatch, CEO of Reach Reporting. “By providing the right resources and tools, we can help advisors improve their offering by providing their clients with insightful people advisory reporting that helps develop deeper financial insight.”

Reach Reporting’s report automation and client dashboard, which allows firms to provide powerful visual insights in new ways, will be available exclusively to Gusto Partners. This new partnership will provide accounting professionals with a seamless and easy-to-use reporting tool that will empower them to create visual reports and dashboards that combine their financial expertise with people-focused guidance.

“We are excited to work with Reach Reporting to provide an integrated solution for powerful visual reporting templates that improve the visibility of the robust data we provide at Gusto,” said an insider at Gusto. “This partnership will empower accounting professionals, HR departments, and business owners with powerful visual reports that enhance any organization’s ability to understand their data.”

About Reach Reporting

Reach Reporting is the leading flexible reporting tool for accountants, providing monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports for all their clients. Built on a spreadsheet back-office, Reach Reporting offers the flexibility to select from a robust template library or build custom reports tailored to individual needs. In addition to financial reporting, Reach Reporting also offers budgeting and forecasting capabilities, helping businesses plan for the future and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date financial data.

About Gusto

Gusto is the leading full-service payroll, HR, and benefits platform committed to empowering accounting partners to offer new, high-value client services. Launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll, Gusto serves more than 200,000 businesses nationwide, processing tens of billions of dollars of payroll and providing employee benefits while helping companies create incredible workplaces.

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