How to Have Happy Clients


Happy clients are the goal of any company or business. Regardless of the industry or size of the business, happy clients are what keep a business afloat.

Those clients that come back regularly leave 5-star reviews and tell all their friends are priceless. So how do you find them or create them? Think about yourself and your customer service experiences. When have you been a happy client? Why do you continue to return to your favorite business? 

In the CPA world, what creates a happy client?  

The accounting world is no different than other industries with how stiff the competition is to find and keep clients. There are A LOT of accountants out there. Often accounts are treated as a commodity and traded in for a lower price without a second thought. 

Retaining a current client is substantially less expensive than finding a new client. Create happy clients who wouldn’t dream of leaving you by focusing on these specific areas. 


Half of all customers are prepared to wait one week for a customer service rep to respond before they stop doing business with that brand for good.

Business owners rarely work 8-5, Monday to Friday. Therefore, they are working late at night or on the weekend, when you are most likely, not in your office. This inconsistency can create a divide between you and your client. 

While offering your clients access to you personally, 27/7 is not a feasible business plan. You do need to make their data accessible at all times. Give them access to their data by offering online dashboards containing your clients’ most vital KPIs. By creating and sending understandable financial reports, you don’t need to be there to explain what everything means.  

Making your client’s data available when they need it is a thoughtful and easy way to make your clients feel appreciated and valued. 

Data Security

85% of consumers won’t do business if they’re worried about security protocols.

While it may seem obvious, it is never a bad idea to remind ourselves that clients’ financials are sensitive and personal. Protect their data with the utmost zeal. What security measures do you have in place?  Be able to explain and show your clients, their data is not open for just anyone to see or any hacker to find.

You don’t just type your credit card number and social security number into just any ‘ole website or send unsecured emails with the same info. Show the same vigilance in protecting your clients’ data. 


84% of customers say they’ll stick with a brand that treats them like a person, not a number.

How you communicate with your clients can vary depending on the clients’ preferences. Be sure you are each on the same page with what works best. What works for Client A may not work for Client B. 

Some things are the same, regardless of the clients. Be consistent in your communication and make sure each time you communicate, it is useful. There is nothing worse than a phone call or meeting that was a waste of time and money. 

Always show kindness, even if a client is not. Financials are an emotional subject, and occasionally tempers can flare, causing our not-so-nice sides to show up. Just remain professional. 

Remembering a client’s birthday or major business event shows you have a vested interest in them and their business. Take the time to reach out.  

After any kind of planning meeting, send a follow-up email. This email is an opportunity to clarify the plan and avoid any misunderstandings.  

Real-Time data

 Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25%.

It is difficult to make sound business decisions based on old data. Imagine a football coach calling the plays based on a situation from the quarter prior. Or the choir conductor conducting the music from the performance held last week? Delayed or outdated information will lead to incorrect decisions, and you may take some of the blame.  

By offering up-to-date, real-time data, your clients will make the most informed financial decisions possible. Making you the hero of the day!

Take a look at Reach Reporting’s Report Solution….say that ten times fast. 

Relationship of trust

89% of consumers take their business to a competitor after a negative customer experience.

Trust is vital in any relationship, in business, or your personal life. If you want your clients to stick around and rave about you to their friends, earn their trust. 

Be honest in all your dealings with each and every client. That’s it. When your clients trust you, whether in their billings or financial advice or in any other way, you will have a client for life.   

Advisory Plan

86% of U.S. adults will pay more for a superior customer experience.

Be more than just a reactionary accountant. Proactively look to the future! Become their advisor that helps set and reach their goals. Sit down and create a plan based on industry trends, goals, past financials, and future growth and sales. 

When your clients believe you have their best interest in mind, trust will begin to grow. 


33% of Americans say they would consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.

All the communication, accessibility, and trust-building will be worthless if you don’t know what you are talking about. You must know your accounting and financial stuff. 

No matter how long ago you earned your degree or passed the CPA exam, you need to keep learning. Stay up-to-date on accounting trends, learn as much as you can about your clients’ industry, and always be open to new concepts. 

Final Thoughts on Happy Clients

96% of disgruntled customers don’t complain; 91% of them will just leave and never return.

As you begin to rethink and understand what changes you can make to up your customer service game, remember the golden rule

Treat others as you would like others to treat you. 

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