Revolutionizing Accounting Reports

by | Dec 27, 2022

Creating Financial Reports

As an accountant, creating financial reports that showcase the hard work and dedication poured into each client is of the utmost importance. For years, the standard QuickBooks reports were the only option, but they lacked the customization and highlighting of meaningful data for each unique client. Finding a solution was a challenge, as many reporting tools overpromised and tried to sell unnecessary modules. However, Jon Markee, CEO of Remote CPA, stumbled upon Reach Reporting, and it has been a game-changer.

Report Automation

Reach Reporting allows Jon to provide beautiful, customizable reports for his clients, which automatically update each month, saving him time. He has set up a reporting package for his clients across different industries, providing them with insights into their financials, previously hidden in spreadsheets. He can review these reports with his clients or allow them to go through them alone, confident that they understand what they see.

Improved Communication

In this article, Jon discusses the pain points that accountants face with financial reporting, budgeting, and client communication, and how Reach Reporting addresses these challenges. He also shares his case study of how Reach Reporting has transformed his firm.

One major pain point for accountants is running a profit and loss balance sheet out of QuickBooks, as it provides zero analysis. Clients need help interpreting this information, and Reach Reporting’s live text feature provides an automated narrative that updates with current period data, creating a better financial understanding for his clients.

Include More Data

Building a budget is different from creating a financial report, and Jon needed a budgeting tool that supported classes. After exploring several budgeting tools, he gave up on finding an external solution. However, Reach Reporting’s budgeting solution allows him to incorporate various analytics into his budgeting reports, such as the number of customers or homes his client will build in the next year.

Reach Reporting differentiates itself from other reporting solutions by putting Jon in control of informative metrics, live text narratives, and building custom reports. He can connect data from his accounting source and non-financial data to create automated reports that his clients can easily understand, providing valuable insights without overwhelming them with a bunch of numbers.

Increased Value

Jon loves his experience with Reach Reporting, and how it has helped him reduce costs, save time, and produce unique, insightful reports that have increased his value to his clients. With Reach Reporting, Jon has transformed his accounting reports for his clients, providing valuable insights and saving time.

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