How Reach Reporting Helps Increase Efficiency and Grow Client Base


Duncan Lloyd, the Executive Director of, a traditional firm of Profit First accountants, recently sat down with Reach Reporting to discuss how financial reporting helps his clients achieve their financial goals.

Lloyd shared that the objective of is to help clients make more money, not just manage their accounts. The team meets with clients once a month to share a report, discuss numbers, and ensure they are on target for their EBITDA. focuses on five metrics for clarity, including revenue, revenue per employee, cash, operating profit, and growth profit. Then, they create two or three actions for each client to push them to improve their business and achieve their financial goals.

When it comes to financial reporting, Lloyd emphasized the importance of simplicity, avoiding accounting jargon, and maintaining open lines of communication with clients. He recommends providing only the data clients need in an easy-to-understand format, communicating in layman’s terms, and teaching clients how to read the reports to make strategic decisions. found that Reach Reporting’s excel-like functionality and easy-to-learn platform were essential for implementing financial reporting in a remote environment. The team was up and running with Reach Reporting in six weeks, and they have noticed a 25% reduction in time spent producing reports.

Lloyd noted that Reach Reporting has helped his company improve accuracy, automate reporting, and consolidate reports for group positions, attracting more clients and increasing profitability. He recommends Reach Reporting to other firms, highlighting its ability to create simple, visually appealing reports that clients can understand and use to make strategic business decisions.

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