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A visit with Duncan Lloyd, Executive Director of .

Reach Reporting had the opportunity to visit with Duncan Lloyd, a Chartered Accountant that has held several high-profile FD positions including a large training provider.  is a traditional firm of Profit First accountants. Currently, operates remotely out of the UK and the Philippines and has 10 accountants and one IFA.

Duncan and his team pride themselves on holding their clients accountable to reach their financial goals. To their clients, they are considered trusted advisors and have always been set up this way.

The objective of  is not to manage their clients’ accounts, its’ essentially to help them make more money. They meet with their clients once a month and share a report then discuss the numbers and perpetuity briefly. The rest of the meeting is spent discussing with their clients if they are on target for their EBITDA.  focuses on 5 metrics for clarity (revenue, revenue per employee, cash, operating profit, growth profit), then they create 2 or 3 actions for each client that pushes them to improve their business and reach their financial goals.

How did you hear about Reach Reporting?

Reach was recommended to me by a friend. We were using a different solution and were in the market for a change. My friend told me a little about Reach Reporting, and I decided to check it out.

The timing was perfect. We tried it out and loved it.

What kind of financial reports do you provide clients?

Previously, we gave clients big hefty reports with appendices, and entrepreneurs don’t really understand that- they definitely don’t understand the balance sheet.

When overloaded with data clients don’t really know what to focus on or what data is important for them to review.

The reports we have been able to produce with Reach are very small and visually get our client to a place where we can talk cash. Really, isn’t that what entrepreneurs want to understand? Our clients definitely understand their financials and can make strategic business decisions that help them keep profit first.

With Reach Reporting, it is simple to build and show KPIs during our monthly check-in with our clients. Based on their questions, we can add things easily to the report right in front of them.

Our client’s response to Reach Reporting has been AMAZING!

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How was implementing Reach Reporting in a remote environment?

In comparison to other products, it was the excel-like functionality that really clinched the decision for us to use Reach. Reach Reporting felt familiar to me, and it was easy to roll out to the team.

With our previous solution I had to train everyone how to go into the back end and write code. It is difficult to change people’s way of doing things.

However, with Reach, I was able to train everyone in a 10-minute session. It was that easy.

I explained how to log in, how to produce a report, and how to edit or create a metric. Since Reach is built on a familiar platform my team was ready to go in minutes!

This was important because we are a remote team spread throughout the UK and Philippines. Every minute we are not effective means we are losing money. I needed to train the team effortlessly without disruption to services and with Reach, I was able to do just that.

What has been your experience with implementation?

We started with Reach in January of 2022 and the Reach implementation team has been excellent. We were given 2 hours of initial training. We have only used 1 hour and we don’t feel a pressing need for more. I am sure we have only scratched the surface but it has been quite easy.

My objective for the first quarter of 2022 was to get Reach Reporting up and running and turn off our previous solution. We were able to accomplish that in just 6 weeks.

We stopped all of our old reports and had an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients when they started receiving the reports we produced with Reach Reporting. Implementation was quick and our clients love their new reports.

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What are some benefits you like about Reach Reporting?

Accuracy is definitely better.

For example, for one particular client, we are constantly working out their revenue and profit per employee. We used to do it in an excel workbook and then copy and paste it into a chart. Every month we would have to rebuild the workbook; it was time-consuming. Whereas now we just simply go into Reach and put the latest number of employees in, and that’s it. It automates it perfectly.

In the past, I would spend hours checking the report for accuracy. Reach Reporting’s internal spreadsheet pulls data from our financial software reducing manual entry. Helping our reports be spot on! It now only takes 5 minutes to review reports before meetings and I present with more confidence.

Has Reach Reporting helped with client growth?

Reach Reporting has really helped us with our Profit First reporting and with our group reporting. This has helped us attract more clients and has increased our profitability.

We were able to take on 2 chunky clients so far this year that we wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for the time we’ve saved using Reach.

Reach Reporting is definitely saving us loads of time.

We no longer have to change every chart every month. We simply change the month-end date, and away we go!

We have noticed a 25% reduction in time when producing reports. It’s a chunky amount. Just massive. We sell our time. The more efficient and effective we use our time, the better.

Reach Reporting easily allows us to consolidate. Which is really nice. For us, it’s a big deal. It really counts! Our clients are paying us proper fees. A good amount of money really. So they are impressed when we give them a report presenting them with 10 companies in their group position.

Our clients will NEVER leave us because it is very difficult for another firm to offer a report like this.

Would you recommend Reach Reporting?

My business partner and I have 30 firms reporting to us for their Profit First support. Within our UK group, we share things that work for us. I am excited to share how I create reports, what my clients like, and the templates I use that make reporting simple.

I definitely recommend Reach Reporting.

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