What are the top 10 challenges for accounting firm startups?


accounting firm start up
  1. Funds – Most startup accounting firms need more funds to provide enough time for sufficient growth. 
  2. Management – Most accounting firms starting up are so focused on their clients that they do not have sufficient time to manage their own business.   
  3. Marketing – Startup accounting firms neither have the funds nor the expertise to establish marketing properly to promote their services to their target audience. 
  4. Identifying Client Needs – Some new accounting firms assume they know what their clients will want and niche themselves into a corner, making it hard to grow.  
  5. Specialization – Partners in a new accounting firm try to wear all the hats of their organization, damaging the quality of their service.  
  6. Big Firm Competition – Small accounting firm startups find it hard to compete with larger firms with deeper pockets that can specialize in broader service offerings. 
  7. Lack of Branding – New accounting firms consider branding a waste of time and money, resulting in a lack of recognition and fewer clients.
  8. Technology – Technology seems expensive, but a lack of technology means owners spend more on errors and time as they work harder to keep up with their client’s needs and the competition. See how Reach Reporting can help you save time and improve your service offering. 
  9. Flexibility – When starting an accounting firm, most owners are not flexible and hold to old business models. As a result, they can not find additional clients and tend to lose the ones they have. 
  10. Debt – New accounting firms tend not to have a completed business plan. Without this business plan, they are unsure how much money they need and not sure how they will spend it. Either they do not plan for enough or take out a large loan that they can not pay back. 


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