Company News June 21, 2022

Reach with Gusto. Extending your advisory presentation.

Justin Hatch
CEO Reach Reporting

Today’s business leaders are no longer satisfied with piles of numbers. They demand valuable insights that contribute to better decision-making and strategy execution— especially around the most vital asset, their people

A core value at accounting firms is to deliver a consolidated performance report to a company’s top management on a regular basis. A “Management Report” or packet, as many call it, is the crescendo moment in the consultative relationship between firms and their clients. What’s more? Achieving a great ‘best impression’ in ‘showing’ and ‘speaking’ to the success of a thriving business and team can go a long way. It also provides firms an avenue to share regular insights and commentary in a formal process to solve business problems through a human perspective that technology simply cannot — and will never be able to — solve on its own.

This is why I am excited to announce that Reach Reporting has partnered with Gusto to help People Advisors unlock the value of powerful management reporting for any firms and clients of any size.

Making a Powerful Statement

As a People Advisor, you combine your financial expertise with people-focused guidance to better serve your clients. And by delivering People Advisory as a professional service and unlocking data-driven People Advisory insights, you immediately access the crown jewel moment within the consulting relationship. 

Reach Reporting will help Gusto Partners generate meaningful financial and people recommendations through management report templates, ready to use from day one,  allowing them to tell a powerful story.

In other words, Reach isn’t just a management report builder; it’s a financial storytelling system. 

Seeing Reports Through A New Lens

You are a professional—we get that—and you deserve the power to visualize your clients’ success. With Reach and Gusto combined, you can build management reports how you want, and when you want. Using Reach’s platform, there are no limitations in creating what you need, turning it into a template, and using it for any client across your firm. It’s time that you have the power to work without your hands tied. Through the integration, you can;

Access a Managerial Report Library.

Our reporting library is updated with new monthly managerial reports, providing a wide range of auto-populated People Advisory packets, spreadsheets, and statements that help you quickly display actionable information. Better yet, create your own custom library to standardize all reports to your firm’s standards and guidelines.

Auto-Populate Data into Managerial Reports.

Add live text anywhere in the People Advisory management reports to never have to do it again. Then connect a client’s accounting profile, and the management report will pull real-time data from underlying accounting software with our live-sync technology.

Share Custom Managerial Reports to All Clients.

Quickly share People Advisory Management Reports to your firm’s library so anyone in the firm can automate those reports and share them to their clients, saving your firm tons of time.

Create Any Metric Imaginable.

By providing full access to our smart-spreadsheet, there is no limit to what Reach Reporting can do. It places all your data at your fingertips, so creating powerful, custom metrics is simple. We understand every client is different, and that’s why you get so much more than pre-built metrics.

The Story Doesn’t End Here

The best advisors have the best communication with their clients. These clients have a thirst for insights and want to see how their business and team are performing. And guess what? They want their pro to deliver it all. This moment is where you come in and where the story never ends. 

How you provide insights matters just as much as what those insights are. Reach Reporting and Gusto will enable you to support your clients in meaningful ways, make recommendations that drive impact, and continue developing rapport. Right now, you have a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd in how management reports are used – from delivering a thick, dry stack of papers with numbers on them to a beautifully interactive two-way conversation. 

It’s time to show the value between people and purpose. Integrate Reach Reporting today.

Justin Hatch’s passion lies in providing accountants and business owners the tools they need to display valuable insight buried in the rows and columns of financial statements. 

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