Transforming Financial Insights into Compelling Stories with Reach Reporting


As an accountant and financial advisor, your role is not just limited to discovering and finding the most crucial data insights for your clients. Transforming those insights into understandable financial stories is the most critical part of your job. Poorly communicated insights or data that may mislead your clients can be more dangerous than not communicating the data at all.

To be a successful financial storyteller, there are three must-do’s that you need to keep in mind. First, know your audience. Tailor your message to the person or people who will be receiving it. Second, make the report relevant to the recipient and include how this information can solve a current problem or improve the bottom line. And third, create an easy-to-follow, yet comprehensive financial report that focuses on the story without getting distracted with offshoot data bites.

It’s also important to remember the three never do’s in financial storytelling. First, don’t report what the client wants to hear. As a financial advisor, your responsibility is to report the data in a way that the client will understand, not to make the data fit the narrative the client desires. Second, don’t tell the wrong story. Get to know your clients’ long-term and short-term goals, their dreams, and their personalities to choose the correct stories to tell. And third, don’t manipulate with design choices. Be concise and clear about your data scale, units, key, and labels to avoid confusion.

At Reach Reporting, we understand the importance of transforming financial insights into compelling stories. That’s why we’ve built a financial reporting software that empowers financial professionals to do their job and take that complicated spreadsheet and showcase it in a way that both the accountant and their clients find insightful and engaging.

With Reach Reporting, you can easily create custom reports and dashboards that tell your clients’ financial story in a way that they will understand. Our software makes it easy to import data from various accounting software, create interactive charts and graphs, and customize the report with your clients’ branding.

Reach Reporting’s software is also designed to keep your reports up-to-date, so you never have to worry about manually updating the numbers. With our software’s automatic data refresh, you can ensure that your clients always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Helping your clients understand their finances can be an overwhelming yet rewarding experience. By becoming a better financial storyteller, you have the ability to change businesses, turn struggling stories into success stories, and help people reach their goals and dreams. With Reach Reporting, you can transform financial insights into compelling stories that will help your clients make informed financial decisions.

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