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ProvenCFO, is not the typical fractional CFO business but is an end-to-end solution for back-office accounting. We provide bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, and advisory services. If it involves numbers and those numbers represent money, ProvenCFO is there.

Before ProvenCFO, I worked in the accounting field as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch and have started and sold several bookkeeping accounting practices. As an entrepreneur, I know how vital it is to provide actual value while differentiating your business in order to survive.

Like most accountants, I prided myself in the level of value I offered. However, I noticed clients did not see my value in the reports I was providing. I felt restricted by the reporting solutions available and did not have the time to produce and rebuild reports in a spreadsheet month after month. No report was differentiating my deliverables or showcased my firm’s skills. Therefore clients perceived me as any other number-crunching, statement providing firm. They thought I just crunched numbers and provided statements.

I needed to find a reporting solution

I knew I needed to find a solution that could build reports our clients understood and appreciated. I knew that providing consumable reports would develop our brand, increase client loyalty and improve monthly recurring revenue.

Reach Reporting does just that. It allows us to highlight vital data while differentiating our company from our competitors. Best of all, I can create reports that are unique to our firm, then turn them into templates and use them for all my clients.

Reach Reporting has given us the ability to efficiently and effectively standardize our reports across different clients.

Reach Reporting provides the best reporting deliverables on the market, which has made our lives easier! Reach Reporting supports our mission in delivering relevant, real-time, and reliable reports to help our clients understand their business. 

Base accounting solutions like Quickbooks and Xero are great, but they only provide basic financial statements, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Our clients were not utilizing these basic reports; therefore, they didn’t understand their business.


Improved Efficiency

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The efficiency is incredible!

ProvenCFO has a hundred plus clients, and every client wants something different. That makes it difficult for us to standardize our process. With Reach, we’re creating a process that allows us to take multiple clients, no matter the industry, the size, or accounting platform, and provide standardized reports.

When you’ve got 100 plus clients, you want to produce something unique for all of them. That’s an enormous undertaking. It’s a full-time job! 

With the flexibility of Reach Reporting, I can quickly build custom reports, templatize them, and apply that template to other companies, all without manually updating them every month. 

It was perfect and in our price range.

Reach Reporting is the only solution that we’ve found in our price range that allows us to standardize our custom solutions. That’s been critical in our growth. We select the data from our client’s financials we know is essential and pull it into a standardized custom template that tells a financial story rather than displaying boring spreadsheets.

Here are a few examples.

For example, if I produced a break-even graph for one company and it took an hour and a half to build, I would click a button and save it as a template to use for multiple companies.

There’s a lot of information that doesn’t come from the standard accounting platforms. With their CSV upload or Google Sheets connection, Reach Reporting has made it possible to pull in data from multiple sources to enhance any report.

We have a client that needs a CAC, Customer Acquisition Cost. Depending on how somebody has used their accounting platform, the platform doesn’t know how many customers you necessarily have.

For example, some clients want to know the acquisition cost of the visitors that landed on their site. This information doesn’t live inside an accounting platform, but it’s information that some clients want to know. You can’t display, provide, and scale it to all your clients without a solution like Reach Reporting.

Easy to create a scalable foundation.

Before I found Reach Reporting, I’d been looking for a solution for some time. I found plug-and-play solutions with limited customization that connects to accounting platforms and spits out boilerplate reports.

I had previously used solutions I found in the marketplace but could not customize them to provide the reports I knew my clients needed. They were pretty but produced the same generic reports that my competition was providing. 

All the solutions seemed the same. Connect your accounting platform, minimal customization, and the same generic reports. I knew that would not differentiate my services.

My other option was to build customized reports in Excel. Creating these reports would give me the flexibility but be painful to recreate or update every month. To provide that solution to my 100+ clients every month would be too time-consuming.  

Built on a spreadsheet platform

When I found Reach, I was hesitant. They were a smaller company, but when I saw the backend and what it could do and that it was built on a spreadsheet backend, I was impressed. I thought, “do they even know what they’ve built?” Reach Reporting was something that would support the evolving accountant. A platform that gives accountants the freedom to create truly unique reports and set their firm apart from the rest.

The accounting professionals of today are competing in a new industry that’s rapidly growing. Accounting is becoming available as a pay-by-the-hour solution rather than an in-house full-time employee. 

I understood that we needed to provide deliverables that spotlight the value of ProvenCFO and step past the competition. I wanted a solution that could be customized, scalable, affordable, and help improve our and our client’s brand.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found Reach Reporting. It is a perfect fit and does 90% of the report magic. My clients have been happy with the dashboards and reports that we give them access to now.

I don’t know of anything, anywhere quite like this on any of the marketplaces.

Saved Minutes Per Client Per Month

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Reach changed the game for us.

We now create reports and metrics unique to ProvenCFO, templatize them and apply them to multiple entities. Our customization is now standardized, and that’s winning us business by making our process more efficient. 

Reach Reporting has helped us provided a standardized monthly report for our clients. The report consists of visual charts and graphs that provide insights for investors, business owners, and managers without muddling through the financial statements in the back.

A tremendous value add.

This report is a tremendous value add for our clients with enormous brand lift for our company, and it is so easy for us to provide with Reach.

I have even used Reach to help me in face-to-face meetings. 

When providing advisory services, you sit down with the decision-maker, and they ask questions that occasionally are problematic to answer on the fly. Accountants usually respond, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

In a meeting yesterday, a CEO said, “It’d be nice to combine our seven entities in one dashboard and display our annualized expenses and revenues by total square footage.” What?

I immediately start creating metrics on the fly in Reach, as he’s talking. I make a formula, and now we’re looking at a visual metric on the dashboard.

Not a silver bullet, but it is pretty cool.

We all will have entrepreneurs ask things we have never thought of, and we will continue to make metrics we believe are great, and then they’re like, “Hey could you do this other random thing that nobody’s ever thought of before.” Well, Reach has made it possible for me to do precisely that- on the fly. I could never have done that before.

Reach is perfect not just for accountants but also for the entrepreneurs themselves because it solves the problem of producing easy-to-understand, visualized, consumable data.

Building painful reports no more.

Like you, I have painfully built reports in spreadsheets, and they were good. Now imagine replicating that information as the data source changes from client to client. We might close the books, but some new information comes out two months later, and we open the books to fix it.

Reach ensures that your reports can be dynamic and updated in a heartbeat. Are there other solutions that could do something similar? Yes, but not as intuitively, quickly, or for the price. 

At the core, Reach is allowing ProvenCFO to stand out as a trusted outsourced CFO for many companies by solving reporting problems at scale instead of just solving reporting problems on one company. I now provide reporting solutions for all my clients that showcase my firm.

Reach Reporting removes the emotional grind of going through and producing the same financial reports manually for each client every month.

Reach Reporting makes report building as easy as connect, select, share, move on. If I don’t want to use one of the supplied templates, I create a new report from scratch, save it as a template, and share it in my companies library where all my CPAs can access it. I love that! I put in the work once and don’t have to put in the grind ever again.

In reality, business owners can’t make good decisions without good financial information, and they make bad decisions without good data.

I highly recommend Reach Reporting.

Reach Reporting surprised me that they’ve done this much with so little. Reach is competing in a space where some huge, incredibly well-funded juggernaut companies exist, and Reach is producing a solution that has their competition on the ropes. 

Reach Reporting continues to improve its app through the suggestions of its clients. One recent feature Reach implemented, eliminations, I helped in guiding. My point is that Reach connects with their clients and improves their app based on suggestions from the people that work with their app. For me, that is impressive. 

I highly recommend Reach to pretty much everyone. I tell our clients we’re using Reach instead of pretending we’re doing all the work.

Reach Reporting standardizes custom report processes and makes it easy to provide unique reports that improve client financial awareness while improving business decisions.  



Client Satisfaction

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