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ProvenCFO is not your typical fractional CFO business. They offer end-to-end solutions for back-office accounting, including bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, and advisory services. Founder and entrepreneur, Dave Willson, knew that in order to differentiate his business and provide actual value, he needed to find a solution that could build reports his clients understood and appreciated.

Before finding Reach Reporting, Willson had been providing clients with reports that failed to highlight essential data or showcase his firm’s skills. He was restricted by the reporting solutions available and did not have the time to produce and rebuild reports in a spreadsheet every month. That’s when he knew he needed to find a solution that could efficiently and effectively standardize his reports across different clients.

Reach Reporting provided ProvenCFO with the ability to highlight vital data while differentiating their company from competitors. Willson can now create reports that are unique to his firm, turn them into templates, and use them for all his clients. The platform has allowed ProvenCFO to standardize their custom solutions and efficiently apply them to multiple entities.

One of the significant benefits of using Reach Reporting for ProvenCFO has been the improvement in efficiency. With over 100 clients, Willson needed a solution that could easily scale, and Reach Reporting provided just that. The flexibility of the platform allows Willson to build custom reports, templatize them, and apply the templates to other companies without manually updating them every month.

Willson has also been able to create reports that are more visually appealing and tell a financial story. With the platform’s CSV upload and Google Sheets connection, Willson can pull in data from multiple sources to enhance any report. One example is a client that needed a Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), which wasn’t available in their accounting platform. Reach Reporting made it possible to pull in that data and display it in a visual metric on the dashboard.

Reach Reporting has also made it easy for Willson to provide reports to clients on the fly during face-to-face meetings. He can quickly build metrics in the platform and display them in a visual format that’s easy for clients to understand.

Overall, Reach Reporting has allowed ProvenCFO to provide standardized monthly reports that are unique to their firm and showcase their skills. The reports consist of visual charts and graphs that provide insights for investors, business owners, and managers. The platform has made it easy to provide clients with easy-to-understand, visualized, consumable data, allowing them to make better business decisions.

ProvenCFO highly recommends Reach Reporting to pretty much everyone, as it’s a game-changing platform that has revolutionized the accounting industry.

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