Absorbing Complexity with Reach Reporting


We define accounting as “The Language of Business” because the accountant plays an essential role in interpreting that language to their client.  Therefore, the small business owner values an accountant who can help them understand the financial details of their business.  

According to a survey conducted by OnPay of 1,085 managers and small business owners, “Accountants are small business owners’ most trusted advisors for a wide range of business advice. They’re more trusted than lawyers, bankers, friends or family.”    

At Reach Reporting, we can maximize the trust your client has in you.  We developed for CPAs and bookkeepers the simplest way to deliver understandable data.  Reach Reporting provides the tools to create beautiful, easy-to-understand financial reports for your clients. We are all about helping the accountant take a confusing financial report and transform it. Transform it into information that will help the small business owner see the steps necessary to drive their business forward.  

Our goal is to absorb complexity and enhance your advisory role.

Taking the Complexity out of Financial Reports

The Reach Reporting team collaborated with CPA firms and financial professionals worldwide to create this software. It is the most potent interactive tool on the market to work with real-time data.  This proprietary software helps minimize the time it takes to compile and present the needed information. Reach makes it easier to show your client where they stand with their finances.  We absorb complexity for both the accountant and their client.

The Beginnings of Reach Reporting

Justin Hatch, CEO of Reach Reporting, explains his experience early on as an Oil and Gas VP:  I started Reach Reporting back in 2015 because I had some real accounting challenges in my younger years. I didn’t understand what was happening with my books. What is the balance sheet supposed to do?  I only relied on the P&L. I didn’t even know what the cash flow statement was, let alone knowing how to use it.

So when I resigned from the company, I decided to start a business. I thought of all of the pain points I had dealt with and I made a decision. I decided “If there’s any way I can affect a small business so that they don’t have to endure the pains that I endured, and if I can help them to be more successful, then I will have succeeded.”  For this reason, Reach Reporting was born.

How Important is it to Absorb Complexity? 

A study from the Small Business Report – Accounting states that 60% of small business owners admit they may not have the finance and accounting skills they need. As a result, they are searching for an advisor to be their financial guide. They are looking for you. 

What Can Reach Reporting Do?

In addition to building understandable financial reports Reach Reporting can also;

  • Provide options:  Select a report from the library of templates, including monthly, quarterly, and annual, or create your custom template and save it for future use.
  • Clarify Data:  Industry standard, financially approved reports built on visual theory guidelines allow for potentially confusing data to transform into powerful visual reports.
  • Make Reports Customizable and Intuitive:  Metric, statement, and dashboard templates that are entirely customizable with the capability to pull live data from different systems including Google Spreadsheets and CSV files into a familiar spreadsheet, similar to Excel, to quickly create insightful reports that showcase your capabilities as a valued financial advisor.
  • Auto-Populate Template:  Auto-populate the template with monthly data information.
  • White Label:  Showcase yourself—Export any financial report and add your logo.
  • Increase Value:  Reach Reporting will increase the value of your advisory offering to your client.  We make you look good.

Benefits to Using Reach Reporting

  • Time Saver/Reduces Cost
  • Ease of Use
  • Reports in a Matter of Minutes
  • Professional Touch to Business
  • It sets you Apart from other CPA’s
  • Spotlights Knowledge and Talents
  • Increases Productivity
  • Showcases Expertise

Standing Out from the Crowd

In the accounting world, where expertise sells, it can be challenging to stand out from those in your industry.  

Building a financial report that gives you a more effective and profitable advisory role with your client is a win.  Creating a financial report that is visually attractive, removes the complexity, and gives the client a clear understanding of their company’s financial health is a win for them.  Imagine your satisfaction because you provided stunning reports that were simple to create and then be able to use the template over and over again.  Now imagine their satisfaction.  Do you think in the eyes of your client you stand out from the crowd?  Absolutely.

Lee Frederiksen of Accounting Today states, “As a professional services firm, the strongest differentiator you can promote is expertise.”

Let Reach Reporting help you absorb complexity for your client.  We provide the tools needed to create spectacular, actionable financial reports and dashboards. In other words, these features differentiate you from your competitors and promote your expertise. What you provide to your client can set you apart. Help them REACH the goals they have set.  How you work with them in an advisory role can put more money in their pocket and yours.     

In conclusion, you may think it is a challenge to differentiate yourself from the rest of the accounting industry crowd.  Not any longer with Reach Reporting.     

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