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Financial Projections


Financial Reports

Save hours transforming data as the closed book month rolls forward automatically. Automate reporting and planning— deliver insights in record time.

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Reach Reporting

Enhance your Xero data with Reach Reporting, offering real-time visual insights, customizable reports with pre-made metrics, and automated text block population for a personalized touch.


Provide visually interactive insights in real-time with cloud-based dashboards.


Fully customizable reports with premade visual metrics that auto-populate with your Xero data.


Build whatever you want for financial report statements, tables, or a variety of chart types.

Live Updates

Live updates save time each month from having to remap financials and re-create reports.

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Access your cash flow in real-time from any device, whether it’s your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone. This small business accounting software is designed to be simple, smart, and occasionally magical. With their mobile app, you can manage your business on the go, reconciling transactions, sending invoices, and creating expense claims from anywhere. Streamline your invoicing process with online invoices that notify you when they’re opened, helping you get paid faster. Plus, reconcile your bank transactions in seconds with Xero’s automated import and categorization features, making reconciliation a breeze.

How to


After connecting your company Reach Reporting will automatically sync your data with Xero, or you can manually sync your data at any time.