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Quickly build budgets and reports in minutes instead of days or weeks.
Built for easy use in a familiar spreadsheet environment, Reach Reporting eliminates the need for a steep learning curve..


Trusted by advisors, accountants and managers

Have your report set up in minutes.

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Your Data

Integrate your accounting software or use a spreadsheet or a CSV Trial Balance to upload data.
screen shots of Reach Reporting spreadsheet.

Automated & Flexible


Enter the world of self-service reporting and let Reach Reporting automatically visualize your key business drivers. Or create your customized dashboards and reports in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Understanding data is critical.

Become your client’s financial hero.

Visual Data


Put your data into the right perspective by using advanced functionalities like dynamic statements, interactive metrics, and live text. Drill down into underlying data. Use your own branding and colors.


Your Team

Share reports and dashboards for strategic and actionable decision-making. Focus on driving business growth.

Visual Metrics

Once set up, your reports and dashboards are dynamically updated as data flows in. Repetitive tasks are in the past.

Save hours transforming data.

Make smarter decisions faster.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

How can Reach Reporting help your business?


Monthly Close

See how companies are automating their Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements faster and improving their business decisions.



Consolidate your financials and easily convert them into a currency of your choice.



Our integrated 3-way forecasting provides a complete picture of projected business scenarios in minutes by seamlessly integrating the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. Tweak drivers on your P&L and automatically see how that reflects on your monthly cash flow and balance sheet positions.



Shorten your report development cycles drastically and spend more time analyzing, understanding, and making strategic decisions. Then provide visual reports and dashboards that show your findings.



Bring in your non-financial data using our datasheets or Google Sheets. Create comprehensive dashboards and reports. Have all your data in one place.

See what

professionals are saying!

Templates are Fantastic

“Love the ability to create templates of metrics and reports that you and your team can use across the platform.”

Incredibly Powerful

“It’s basically what would happen if Tableau and Excel had a baby. They somehow were able to pack every feature you could want, Made it incredibly powerful, and still make it a pleasure to use. “


“The customization is very easy to use, intuitive and very much designed to think like Excel but, of course, without the potential for human interface errors, constant updating.”

The Best Tool

“This tool is HANDS DOWN the best tool that I have ever used to produce financials, trends, and KPIs. I have been looking for this tool my ENTIRE career.”

Blown Away

“I was blown away! I love how customize-able it is because as a Non-profit, all our lingo is different, even when using the Non-profit version of QuickBooks.”

Reach Has Set the Standard

Reach has set the standard for all other integrated reporting systems. User friendly & customizable. Our clients look forward to getting their Reach Report every month!

Game Changer

3-way planning and forecasting without touching Excel, seamless consolidations, and tailored company reporting that updates each month has changed my planning and reporting processes for ever.

Great Report Consolidation!

Excited to use Reach Reporting to process multiple reports more quickly. Being able to customize what reports I’d like to use and then process with one click is simply amazing

Great reporting tool

Intuitive tool that connects easily with Xero. Has some great features to make professional reports in no time

Helps Summarize

“This could be a great way to help them summarize the financial activities of the business in a simple and easy to use format.”


“Reach reporting is amazing and so easy to work with.”


“I really like that this app makes it simple and easy to create really nice looking dashboards that I can share with my teammates.”

Excellent Integrated Software

The data syncs easily making metrics easy to build. The graph and customization options are endless and make great post market review easy.

Helps Summarize

“Helps us see trends on monthly financial reports which give context to monthly values and make them actionable.”