Finally, Reports
that tell a story!

Start Building Financial Stories Today!

Provide a deeper understanding of complex financial data. Reach Reporting’s toolset gives you what you need to finally provide reports that tell a story.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Reporting for Advisory Services

Increase your offering while decreasing the time you spend.

Live Connection

Always have live data to create the right story with up-to-date data.

Visual Templates

Data is pulled in and visual elements are produced.

Remove Confusion

Clearly see your financial story.

Quick Share

Create and share reports in minutes.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

A Toolset Like No Other

Live data that you can work with.


Cloud-based dashboards provide quick access to reports no matter where you are.


Creating reports has never been easier or more enjoyable. Yes, we said it, enjoyable. No other interface is simpler. 


We have created a library of templates that take your financial data and turn it into a visual representation. What’s that? Yes! You can also create your own.

Live Text

Live Text

Ok, this one is fun. Take any data element from your financial software and turn it into live-text. Turn your reports into living, breathing documents. You’ve got to schedule a demo to really comprehend this feature.


Summit CPA Group

“Reach is improving our client relations while saving us time producing monthly reports.”


In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Yes, there’s more…

We are continually improving our Reach.


Auto-populate prebuilt statements with data from Xero and Quickbooks, then easily customize that data. Hide rows, add conditional formatting, and so much more. Things you thought were impossible are completely possible.


Pull live data from your financial software, then create custom formulas to create a powerful spreadsheet that will automatically update. Build it once. Use it anywhere in Reach. You are welcome.


Create budgets right in Reach Reporting then quickly add it to your reports with the click of a mouse.

Google Spreadsheets

Pull data from Google Spreedsheets and blend it with your accounting software into a single chart to display in your reports.



Powerful Templates

Reports built on visual psychology strategy.

What do you want to see? Use the pre-built dashboards and reports or build something truly custom. Want to show the relationship between the cash on hand and the expenses? What about marketing spend relative to the PPC revenue? Your ability to get granular data can spell the difference for clients and the managers that guide business.

Live, actionable, and beautiful data streams. Turn all your work into a template that will save you time. 

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Template Library

Our library is updated with new templates monthly providing a wide range of auto-populated reports, spreadsheets, metrics, and statements that help you quickly display actionable information.


Add live text anywhere in your templates. Connect a company and the template will pull live data from your accounting software! Creating reports has never been this easy. 


Share Custom Templates

Manage all your templated elements, then share them with the company connections you manage. Reach isn’t just a report builder; it’s a financial storytelling system.

Build, Save and Manage

Build as many custom report, spreadsheet, or metric templates as you want. Quickly re-use them to jump-start new reports. Create custom spreadsheets with advanced formulas.


“As an accountant who owns their own business, performs consulting work, have worked for Fortune 500 companies, I will tell you that this tool is HANDS DOWN the best tool that I have ever used to produce financials, trends, and KPIs. I have been looking for this tool for my ENTIRE career.”


CEO of Harper Lawrence Financial

“Reach Reporting, with its plug-and-play reports, is so incredibly easy to create your own custom calculation or graph.”

CEO of TheCFO2Go

“Reach Reporting helps us see trends on monthly financial reports which give context to monthly values and makes them actionable.”

CEO of Sleep Care

“Reach Reporting exceeded all expectations! KPIs and graphs add a WOW factor that allowed our clients to grasp and interpret trends without digging into the numbers.”

Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, CMA, CPA

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