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Next-Level Reporting

 Reach Reporting has the most powerful report toolbox developed specifically for CPAs and advisors, allowing you to customize the perfect report and set your firm apart from the competition.

No solution can compete.

The Flexibility You Need

Combine your financial expertise with powerful automated reporting to provide clients with a deep understanding of their business performance. Display findings in easy-to-understand metrics on dashboards and reports.

And do it all in minutes.

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Reporting Power

Report Templates

financial reporting templates


Select from a plethora of industry-standard templates built by storytelling experts to produce the most powerful visual financial dashboards and reports you have ever seen within seconds.

Robust Metric Library

financial metric samples

Our library contains the most powerful industry metrics that pull live data from your connected accounting software to automatically create charts and graphs that can be placed in any financial dashboard or report.

Long-Live Live-Text

live text tool for financial statements

The live text tool turns sentences and paragraphs into dynamic elements pulling data and non-data information to tailor and customize every report for any client spanning any date. Drop in client names, accounts, dates, balances, and more.


Reach Sheets - Spreadsheet Like No Other

financial spreadsheet example

Build however and whatever you want in the powerful Reach Sheets. Each cell can be connected to your financial data and will repopulate based on the period—no more rebuilding, reentering, or re-anything-ing every time you run a report.
Change the accounting file, and your report reflects the change automatically. I know, best day ever!

Super Statements

The core statements, P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow can be added to any report or dashboard. With a twist.
Reach enables you to add columns, add any formulas, or even hide and add rows!
Power to the people, amirite?

Build Any Report

No other report solution allows you the freedom to quickly build any report from scratch. Financial Reports, Shareholder Reports, Bank Loan docs, Investor Package, Quarterly and Annual Reports, and so much more. Gone are the days of limitations. Increase your competitive edge and revenue stream by increasing your report offering.

Interactive Dashboards

financial dashboard sample

Giving clients an interactive dashboard allows them not only the ability to see their data anywhere or anytime. Always updated. This enables the right tools to make vital business decisions.

100% Customization

financial statement customization

Every template provided is 100% customizable. Color, content, metrics. Now you have the tool powerful enough to make outstanding reports but simple enough that you don’t need a Ph.D. in designography!

Templates—like never before

save financial report as a template Building reports is infinitely easier in Reach, but it still takes work…
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the reports you build automatically work with any client or business financials? Now you do.

Onboarding new clients now takes minutes. Reports can be updated and shared across every connected accounting software instantly!

Multiple Dashboard Views

Reach Reporting has made dashboards a valuable resource to your clients. Each dashboard can be locked down to specific users, while others can be open to anyone with the link. Your clients will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.


smart financial spreadsheet


Remove the need to rebuild, reformulate, or reformat spreadsheets every month. Reach has developed a spreadsheet interface where every cell is linked to any one of multiple data sources and automatically updates for any period—decreasing manual input and human error.

White Label

Reach Reporting puts the spotlight where it should be by providing a white label solution that showcases your firm. Create immersive experiences for your clients who can experience Reach but never leave your website.

No Hidden Pricing

Others offer their solution for a minimal price which looks good at first, then they add on setup and training fees which make the initial inexpensive misleading. With Reach Reporting, there is no setup fee and no training fee.

Also, there’s discount pricing based on the number of companies you connect.

We have established the perfect price for the following:

Single Business – 1 Company Connection $149/mo

Professional – 10 Company Connections $290/mo

Firm – 25 Company Connections $550/mo

Enterprise –  Please call (877) 467-7637


Reporting Freedom

Bring your clients’ statements to life with unique visual metrics. Use Reach Reporting’s pre-built financial reports or build any report from scratch to display rich insight.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?


Flexible and Scalable

Our Reach Sheets offer the freedom and flexibility to create, customize or automate financial statements and reports. Generate the reports your clients want, not just the reports they need.


Maximize Productivity

Streamline your reporting process and provide regular, timely reports with less labor and in less time. Reports populate in seconds. No more manual syncing, additional formatting, or recreating reports for any period—or client. Set it up once and you’re done.


Increase Value

Reach Reporting is essential for accountants looking to provide innovative reports. Whether creating a compliance report for a small business or an annual report for a fortune 500 company, Reach Reporting helps you craft a customized advisory level report that keeps your clients coming back for more.


Decrease Cost

Remove the need to rebuild, reformulate, or reformat spreadsheets every month. Reach Reporting has developed a spreadsheet interface where every cell is linked to multiple data sources and automatically updates for any period. Decreasing manual input and human error.

financial advisor

Increase Your Value

Built for Advisory

The market is littered with basic reporting solutions built for compliance. In contrast, Reach Reporting is built for today’s advisors looking to save time while effectively creating strategic reports. Enhance your value and improve your clients’ business decisions by providing more than confusing spreadsheet reports.


Success Stories

We can go on and on about Reach Reporting but instead, let our clients tell you what they think.  Check out our 5-star rating on all review sites across the internet.

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Carol Gervais


I absolutely love Reach Reporting; it has allowed me to create high-quality customized reporting for our clients. The result is a report that provides meaningful, useful visual information which is leaps and bounds ahead of any monthly financial reporting they have ever received. Our clients are genuinely excited about these reports.

Jared Surganovich

Small Business Owner

I have been using Reach Reporting for years. They have saved us thousands of dollars by simplifying the data so we can see things quickly and easily. Reach Reporting allows us to be intentional with our decisions. We run a small business and rely on the dashboards to give us insight. I could only imagine how powerful this software would be for a CPA or advisor with multiple clients. The reports are as comprehensive or as simple as you’d like them to be. Brilliant product!

Justin Miller

Outsourced CFO

I am an outsourced accountant and CFO for over 50 small businesses, and I am thrilled with the ease and functionality of Reach Reporting. The reporting capabilities are far greater than those that QuickBooks Online can currently deliver, and the nature by which you can incorporate non-financial data seamlessly into reports, calculations, and graphical representations of our business performance is exceptional. I have significantly increased the product and value I provide my clients monthly with this tool. I highly recommend Reach Reporting.

Making a difference

Case Studies

Our clients are experiencing great successes with Reach Reporting. Here are just a few of them. 

In order to help you the best, tell us what kind of business would describe you?

Dave Willson

CFO Proven CFO

The Client
ProvenCFO is an end-to-end accounting solution that provides relevant, real-time, and reliable financial reporting for 100+ clients.

The Outcome
Create multiple report templates for different financial reports and apply them across all clients affordably.

  • Improve Reporting Efficiency 90% 90%
  • Client Report Satisfaction 100% 100%

“We have finally been able to standardize and customize our deliverables.”

Jake Grimm

Director of Technology – Summit Group CPA

The Client
outsourced virtual CFO services for small to medium-sized businesses excelling in forecasting, business planning, and modeling, providing financial peace of mind to business owners.

The Outcome
Optimize Summit CPA’s reporting process by transitioning away from cumbersome Excel PDFs to a live platform that was fully customizable.

  • Time Saving Per Report 75% 75%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

“Effortlessly took our financial presentations to the next level.”

Pam Jordan

CEO Pivot Business Group

The Client

Pivot offers Advisory and Fractional CFO services focusing on cash flow, profit, sales, teams, and systems.

The Outcome

Create financial reports that are engaging, and clients can understand.

Customers are now excited to get monthly reports that they understand. Pivot’s clients are more confident in their financial understanding of their business, resulting in the confidence to ask questions.

“Reach Reporting is a differentiator for us.”

Transform Your Financial Reports

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