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10 Connections


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Additional connection $29

25 Connections


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Additional connection $22



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Single Connection $149.00

Bring data sets together.

Provide deeper insight.

Reach Reporting allows you to combine data sources and provide the unique insight needed to make wise business choices. 

Take your financial expertise to the next level and provide a deeper understanding of business performance. Display findings in easy-to-understand metrics on interactive dashboards and pdf reports. 

And do it all in minutes.

Reach was SUPER easy to set up and the graphs and charts are really easy to understand and tweak.”

– Craig P.

No restrictions.

Freedom to build what you want.

The biggest complaint we hear about reporting solutions is that they’re either too restrictive or too hardcore. With Reach, restrictions are gone, but simplicity is perfected. Every metric, report, and dashboard can be customized or built from scratch. No boilerplate reporting here. Finally, a solution that allows you to build how and what you want.

“Better, more customized reports that take less time to compile.”  

– Josh G.

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Internal Smart Spreadsheet.

Easy to use because it’s familiar.

You know spreadsheets better than anyone. Reach Reporting’s look and feel and spreadsheet back-office provides a low learning curve and make visual reporting a breeze. Better yet build inside our internal smart spreadsheet and it updates automatically every month for any client. Remove the monotony of monthly manual adjustments and data input.

“Reach feels like a spreadsheet while I’m building KPI’s but the data stays synced!! Huge benefits from using Reach.”  

– Beverly

Endless growth potential.

Built with the future in mind.

Limited solutions make for a limiting experience. That’s why Reach Reporting was built with a dynamic infrastructure backbone, designed for growth, making future integrations possible to keep up with your reporting needs.

Oh and, the statement builder is incredible. Seriously.

“Not only are the reports better and more professionally designed than anything I did myself in the past but created SO MUCH FASTER!!”  

– Lyndsie W.

Stop rebuilding reports.

Save time and money.

Reach Reporting puts financial data at your fingertips so you can quickly build powerful reports that differentiate your firm. Turn any report into a fully-tailored template that is automatically updated with any connected client’s colors, logo, and data in seconds.

“I love that I can customize each of my client’s metric dashboards & reports to suit them both personally and professionally. ”  

– Ryan o.

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