Produce the reports you want.

Reach Reporting makes the reporting process simple, scalable, and beautiful no matter what report you need or how you need to deliver it. Reach Reporting is the only financial reporting app that breaks away from cookie-cutter reporting. Finally, a tool that lets you build the reports you want, turn them into the templates you need, share them throughout your firm, and automate them when you need for all your clients. Provide Annual pdfs, timely dashboards, or mobile balance sheets. Whether you need compliance or advisory reporting, Reach Reporting has you covered.

What’s Different about Reach Reporting?

Your clients need more than cookie-cutter reports to be competitive and Reach Reporting provides just that. Our internal smart spreadsheet allows you to modify any template however you need or enables you to build a report from scratch. Reach Reporting’s internal smart spreadsheet is exactly what you need if you are serious about growing your and your client’s competitive edge.

What is an internal smart spreadsheet?

Say goodbye to manual, basic, and unstandardized reporting.


All templates auto-populate with the correct data. Yes, even your custom reports auto-populate. No more timely and error-prone manual updates. Your reports automatically change with any selected date.


Create a single-page overview, monthly report, investor pitch, bank loan report, and more. Use an editable template or start building an engaging report from scratch. There is no limit on the type of report you can create.


Reduce report production costs and timeframes with custom reports saved to your company’s template library. Your team can connect any template to any client and provide unique reports and dashboards that differentiate your offering.


Reach Reporting provides a template library full of dashboards, reports, and metrics that auto-populate with your data. Our templates are also entirely customizable, or you can build your own from scratch. No other solution provides the flexibility to create any report, metric, or dashboard you can imagine.


Reporting solutions are taking away the spreadsheet. Not us; we’ve embraced and empowered it. Our internal smart spreadsheet cuts the time to build reports in half and eliminates costly manual monthly updates with data linking cells and auto-population. Best of all continue to use familiar spreadsheet formulas.


All cells in our internal smart spreadsheet have direct access to your client’s data. No more wasted time looking or manually inputting or updating data from multiple systems. Each cell will automatically pull the exact data you need for any period you request. Build any report you want and never touch it again.

More than compliance Reporting.

Your clients want understandable, relevant, timely information. Your team wants the flexibility to deliver more insight than restrictive cookie-cutter reports can without spending additional time. It’s time to provide the reports you want, and the business insight your client needs.

Start with the right solution.

When statements are challenging to understand, and spreadsheet edits take days instead of minutes, the client’s perception slips — and so does your competitive edge. To stay ahead, you need a quick way to create, access, and transform data. In short, you need a better report management system. When you use the right solution, your team is more productive, reports are produced faster, clients are happier, and revenue grows.

Reporting that Scales

Create an arsenal of standard reports that can be saved to your company library and with a click send any report to your client’s portal. Your client engagement will dramatically increase with little effort and your perceived value will go through the roof.

We aren’t selling a product.

Unlike others, we aren’t selling a product. We help build relationships. Delivering a spreadsheet is not enough to gain and keep clients. Reach Reporting helps improve your financial storytelling and relationships with your clients.  To do this we make sure our customer support is on point to help you see the full value of Reach Reporting and how it improves your value to your clients. We are here for your success.

Our cost is exactly what it is.

There are no additional fees with Reach Reporting. The price is actually the price. We offer free onboarding and a 1-hour training for you and your team to help understand Reach Reporting. It’s our responsibility to help you get familiar with Reach Reporting and we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for it. We also don’t charge extra for consolidated companies. We know we are different, and you will love us.

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