If you give an accountant a referral.


If you give an accountant a referral,

She’s going to ask for your business entity.

When you give her the entity,

She’ll probably ask if you have payroll.

When she’s finished, she’ll ask for your inventory.

Then she’ll want to look at all of your accounts to
see if they need to be reconciled.

When she looks at the accounts,
she might think about your tax returns.

So she’ll probably ask if you report sales tax.

When she’s finished looking over your taxes,
she’ll want to know your plans to
expand or scale back your operations.

She’ll start thinking. She might get carried
away and help you define your success.

She may even end up asking about your
most proud business moment!

When she’s done, she’ll probably want
to look at some of your challenges.

You’ll have to tell her how your workforce is performing and any regulatory challenges you might be having.

She’ll crawl into your books, make herself comfortable and uncover any debt-to-equity situation you might have.

She’ll probably ask you to tell her
about your retirement portfolio.

So you’ll read to her from one of your portfolios,
and she’ll ask to see how they perform and relate
to the market.

When she looks at the performance, she’ll get so excited she’ll want to see if you are up-to-date on changes in local tax laws.

Then she’ll want to see how you think
she can provide value to your company.

Which means she’ll want to see if you are interested in cross-referral opportunities.

She’ll ask why you are changing firms. And ask how your former firm could have kept your business.

Which will remind her she would like more clients.

So… she’ll ask for a referral.


And chances are if she asks you for a referral, she’s going to want a business entity to go with it.


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